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Ray Salinger was a serial killer known as the "Birthday Boy" who recently escaped from the Crane Institute.

He began his first murder of 15-year-old debutante Amanda Grant and from there developed a fixation of murdering young girls between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, all of whom he refers to as "Amanda". He commits his murder by abducting his victim and takes them to a "playroom" in the abandoned Arkham Manor, where he gives them a birthday cake. After urging them to "make a wish", the Birthday Boy disembowels them with a butcher's knife and disposing their bodies in the manor's basement. He also works under the employ of Gotham City's corrupt Mayor Oswald Cobblepot into doing his dirty works in exchange for more young girls, especially the daughters of all of Cobblepot's enemies, including police officers who tried to investigate his criminal activities.

The Birthday Boy had Barbara Gordon as his latest victim when Detective Harvey Bullock indirectly brought the wrath of Cobblepot by using James Gordon's name to gain the files about the Waynes' murder case from the GCPD cold case archive. Barbara Gordon tries to fight the Birthday Boy by stabbing him in the leg with a piece of broken wood but he stands unimpeded and even when being assailed by James Gordon and Harvey Bullock until he was overpowered by the Batman. The Birthday Boy was then arrested and transferred back to the Crane Institute.



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