Ray Thompson was a young man who presumably worked alongside his heroes, the Justice Guild, in Seaboard City in a universe parallel to that of the Justice League until a nuclear war in 1962 destroyed much of the city and killed the team members. Mutated by the radioactive fallout and given great mental powers, Ray was also driven insane, but was able to recreate Seaboard City and the Justice Guild along with their enemies, the Injustice Guild, as virtual reality constructs. However, he also kept the surviving citizens under his thrall for 40 years, never aging but forced to live in his virtual reality recreation. When Justice League members crossed over into the Justice Guild universe, they discovered the truth and exposed Ray Thompson, masquerading as his unmutated self, as being the controller of this recreation. Thompson then used his powers in an attempt to destroy the Justice League, but his recreated Justice Guild turned against him and overpowered him, causing the virtual reality version of Seaboard City to vanish and releasing the surviving citizens from his control, thereby sending Thompson into a coma.


  • Illusion Casting: Ray Thompson possessed great mental abilities that enabled him to create virtual reality constructs of people and objects, and could also manipulate the same objects. However, this power was imperfect: the created reality is not complete, with libraries with books with blank pages, and undisguised GSA gravestones; Further, the GSA members illusion-duplicates were seemingly sentients and rebelled against Ray (It, or the own Ray's low self-esteem can have influenced in subconscious wishes of being defeated).


Driving: Ray seemingly could drive motorcycles (It's unknown if it was other illusion).

  • Ray Thompson was most likely named for Roy Thomas, a DC Comics writer who is a fan of Golden Age superhero characters.
  • His character was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.



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