Raya Vestri was an old friend of Dick Grayson from his childhood at Haly's Circus. However, she served as an accomplice in Saiko's plan to take revenge on Dick and the entire circus. She died due to being poisoned with toxins by the Joker.

Early life

Raya and Dick grew together at Haly's Circus alongside their friend Raymond. Although they shared a mutual crush, they parted ways after the murder of Dick's parents and his adoption by Bruce Wayne.

She also had to suffer the death of Raymond after he mysteriously drowned. She and her co-workers attended his funeral. Unknown to her, Dick watched the funeral from afar.[1]


When Raya became an adult, she discovered that Raymond had survived and become the assassin Saiko. The two started a romance and began a plan to exact revenge on Dick, believing him to be the source of all their troubles. They also got Bryan, Mr. Haly's son, into the plan, as Mr. Haly wanted Dick to become the circus's owner. However, Raya and Bryan were unaware that Raymond wanted to destroy the entire circus as well.[2]

After the circus returns to Gotham City, Raya is reunited with Dick.[3] Not long after, Raya informs Dick the two of them must head to Atlantic City immediately upon request from Mr. Haly himself. Mr. Haly dies and Dick is entrusted with the deed to the circus. Afterwards, the two sleep together.[1] Dick and Raya attend to Mr. Haly's funeral and attempt to start a romance.[4] Dick even introduces her to his friend Barbara Gordon.[5] However, Raya decides to break off her relationship with him so that she could continue Raymond's plan.[2]

Raymond initiates his endgame when the circus performs a tribute to the Flying Graysons in Gotham City, triggering a series of explosions across the circus.[6] However, Raya sees how mad Raymond is and helps the people escape. After Raymond dies, Raya is arrested and Dick asks her why did she help Raymond. She does not answer and is taken away by the police.[7]

Breakout and Death

Prior to the Death of the Family event, the Joker visits Raya at Blackgate Penitentiary[8] and breaks her out of prison. During the event, when Nightwing faces them at Kline Industries, he discovers she has been infected with the Joker's toxin and is wearing a mockery of Nightwing's costume. She is forced to fight Dick and quickly goes into shock as a result of her body rejecting the toxin. Raya eventually dies from the toxin despite that Nightwing tried to use an anti-toxin to save her. Her last words was an apology to Dick for her past actions.[9]

Nightwing later turns her body over to Commissioner Gordon, and a funeral is held for both her and Jimmy Clark (who was also killed because of the Joker's actions against Nightwing).[10]




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