Raymond Jensen is a criminal who gained the ability of absorbing the energy of everything he touches, becoming a Parasite.

As a child, Raymond was always a trouble kid, picking fights with everyone and looking for reasons to start them, being expelled from different schools for violence. As he grew, so did his selfishness and cruelty, becoming a murderer and a criminal.

He "befriended" a man called Will whose work on a research lab gave him access to technology that disintegrates human bodies leaving no trace, the perfect way to eliminate evidence. However, Will's sadistic nature made him record and burn Raymond's criminal activities for his own amusement, forcing Ray to eliminate him and any inculpable information.

Infiltrating the lab, Ray was spotted by the security force who forced him to flee and unwillingly enter an experimental chamber, activating the high-energy neutrino release which transformed him into an energy-sucking creature. He proceeded to kill dozens of people on his energy hunger, desperately absorbing everyone he found until he heard from Superman.

Reaching Metropolis, Raymond absorbed an entire block's electricity when he was confronted by Superman who clashed against him, unknowingly feeding the parasite to the point of becoming near powerless. With Superman retreating, Raymond begun a destructive rampage until the arrival of the Air Force who tried to stop him to no avail. He then proceeded to the Daily Planet news building looking for the ones who know Superman to bring him to him.

His ruse worked, Superman arrived and once again had his power drained by the Parasite, who planned to use it to kill every person on the planet. His power, however, was ultimately draining, thus he returned to Metropolis to recharge when once again was confronted by Superman, this time prepared. The two fought until Theresa arrived, completely horrified, only to be unwillingly murdered by her own brother, who blamed her death on Superman before the latter used all his strength to finally defeat him.

Raymond was arrested and is currently under the military's custody.[1]


  • Altered Physiology: When his organic matter was exposed to high-energy neutrinos, Raymond's body underwent a type of cellular transmutation that transformed him into an energy parasite which needs to continuously absorb energy in order to stabilize himself.
    • Energy Absorption: Parasite absorbs the energy of anything, organic or otherwise, he comes in contact with in a matter of seconds, absorbing the life-force of his living victims until they are dry carcasses.
      • Size Alteration: Should he absorb tremendous levels of energy, Parasite's body will enlarge itself in order to compensate for and contain the massive power boost.
      • Power Absorption: Should his victim be a super-powered being, the Parasite will absorb all of its powers and abilities while leaving it on a weakened and powerless state. When he absorbed the powers of Superman, the Parasite was shown to posses:
        • Superhuman Strength: Parasite had enough strength to effortlessly toss objects as big as trucks and clash against a recovered Superman.[1]
        • Invulnerability: Parasite could endure the impact of a thirty-megaton warhead and the strongest hits of Superman.[1]
        • Flight: Parasite could fly under his own power.[1]
        • Superhuman Speed: Parasite flew from the Earth's surface to outer space in a matter of seconds.[1]
        • Self-Sustenance: Parasite was flying in the vacuum of space without any need of oxygen.[1]


  • Broken Psyche: After his transmutation, Raymond's mind is in a constant state of craving, not allowing him to think clearly unless his energy hunger is completely sated.
  • Power Loss: If depraved from a constant supply of energy, the Parasite will eventually lose all of his previously absorbed power and return to his original, power-hungry state.
  • Raymond is 31 years old.[1]



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