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Saiko was an enemy of Nightwing.

As a young boy, Raymond McCreary was a circus performer at Haly's Circus alongside Dick Grayson, Raya Vestri and Zane.

Raymond, Dick, and Raya were really good friends, but Raymond and Raya had a secret disapproval of Dick because of his stardom in the circus. For a long time, Dick was the star of the show and his friends merely assistants. However, after Dick experienced the blackout in Gotham City caused by the Riddler, he learned to appreciate his friends more and share the spotlight.[1]

Upon the death of Dick's parents and his subsequent adoption by billionaire Bruce Wayne, the Court of Owls, having lost Dick as their candidate for a new Talon, had Mr. Haly fake Raymond's drowning in a car accident, taking him instead. Torturing him to his breaking point, he was then trained as an assassin for the Court, only to be rejected and left in the woods to die, birds attacking the skin around his eyes, giving him his distinctive scars.

Years later, he takes on the identity of Saiko and goes to attack Dick Grayson in Gotham City, only to be intercepted by Nightwing. Soon after, he tortures Mr. Haly in a warehouse containing old props from the circus, learning that Nightwing is, in fact, Dick himself. The warehouse catches fire in an ensuing battle with Nightwing. He escapes before Dick can capture him. He has apparently been in a relationship with Raya as well, both agreeing to try and kill Dick and destroy the circus, working in tandem with Bryan Haly.

After Raya convinces Dick to attend the Flying Graysons memorial show, Saiko attacks hims in the rafters of the big top. During the fight, he removes his mask, revealing himself as Raymond. Pressing a button, he causes the grounds to explode with a magnesium fire, locking the doors and trapping everyone inside. He continues to trade blows with Dick before the latter knocks down the heavy screen in the middle of the tent, blowing a hole into the ground and sending the fires into the catacombs beneath Gotham to be extinguished. Dick gets the better of Raymond, beating him and throwing him into the hole before shooting his grapple gun into his leg to catch him. Not wanting to give his enemy the satisfaction of saving him, Saiko cuts the rope and falls to his death. His body is recovered by the GCPD.



  • Custom Body Armor


  • Various Custom Weapons
    • Wrist Blades

  • Saiko draws a lot of elements from the origins of another assassin; Shrike.