Ray Monde was an elderly homosexual man who owned Brik a Brac Antiques in Camden, London, England.

He was romantically involved with a British officer named Bill who died during the Falklands War. Ray was also a close friend of John Constantine and often provided him with valuable information relating to whatever mystery John was involved with at the time. In one case, Ray provided John with some newspaper clippings relating to a string of yuppie deaths in the Spitalfields area. Ray became the target of violence from a group of Neo-Nazi skinheads known as the British Boys. Later, Ray provided shelter to Constantine and his friend Zed after a harrowing incident involving Ironfist the Avenger. Members of the Resurrection Crusade broke into Ray's home in order to abduct Zed. Despising homosexuals, the Crusaders brutally attacked Ray, ultimately killing him. Ray's spirit appeared before Constantine, and it was at that moment that John realized that his friend was dead.



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