Raymond Parker is the Atom, a superhero who can shrink with the help of the A.T.O.M. Exosuit of his own design. He initially came to Starling City to head Palmer Technologies before becoming a hero and ally of the Arrow. He became one of the founding member of Legends.

Starling City

During the siege by Slade Wilson, Palmer's fiancée was murdered by Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers. This caused Palmer to start developing a suit to be used to fight crime. Ray also created a very successful smart-watch business.



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  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Arrow, its tie-in comic book series, and its related television series. It is an adaptation of Ray Palmer/Atom. The original character was created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane and first appeared in Showcase #34.
  • Ray Palmer is portrayed by Brandon Routh. A young Ray was portrayed by Jack Fisher in the episode "Phone Home".
  • Palmer has been established as 8 years of age as of October 31, 1988.[1] This would place his date of birth between early November 1979 and late October 1980.



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