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Ray Palmer was the pint-sized hero the Atom, a member of the Justice League of America.


Professor Ray Palmer is a genius, a physicist who stumbled upon the remains of a white dwarf star. Palmer used fragments of the star to further his experiments in matter reduction. His experiments failed time and time again, but necessity and his belief that he could not fail forever forced Palmer to experiment upon himself, with success.

Palmer graduated from college and married Jean Loring. He became the Atom and used his life as a hero to fight crime and establish his wife's career as one of the predominant criminal lawyers in the state. Palmer became a hero for love. It is this notion that separates him from so many of the other members of the League.

Palmer is capable of reducing himself to tiny, even subatomic, size. He can ride electronic impulses through phone lines. Despite all his discoveries, and all his experience battling crime, he has yet to find anything at a subatomic level that suggests a propensity for crime.


  • Size Alteration: Realizing his metahuman potential, the Atom can shrink to incredibly small sizes. His standard is 6 inches but he can grow much smaller and the rate of his shrinking can happen as quickly or slowly as he'd like.
    • Density Control: Ray can also increase or decrease his density in any part of his body. As such at a small size he can be weightless and float on the air or mass his density to his fists for powerful blows.
      • Superhuman Strength: Ray cannot produce superhuman abilities at maximum size and must shrink to a small size to redirect his mass to his fists or feet to leap or fight with great strength.



  • Size Control Belt: The Atom at one time could only shrink due to his inventive controlling belt. He later realized that it only amplified his control over his own powers.



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