Raymond Terrill was the son of the first Ray and inherited his father's light-based powers becoming the new Ray. Furthermore, it seems that he has apparently halted his own aging process as well. As the current Ray, he joined Superman's Justice League and was involved in their first mission back which was to subdue the Americommando from slaughtering refugees gathering on Liberty Island.

The Justice League then began policing rogue metahumans. He travels with the rest of the team to the Gulag to contain the prisoner revolt. Captain Marvel arrives and blasts the Gulag, freeing all the prisoners, who then attack the surrounding Justice League members. He survived the U.N. nuclear bombing at the Gulag after being teleported out of the scene by Fate, and was then present at calming Superman's rampage at the U.N. building. Ray was responsible for cleaning up the radioactive fallout in Kansas: one in the aftermath of the Justice Battalion disaster and the other after the Gulag bombing.




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