Rustam is a super-powered terrorist working out of Qurac, and the leader of the Jihad.

This has made him an enemy to the Suicide Squad. He generates a flaming scimitar with his hands that can cut through anything.[1]

Suicide Squad


The Jihad auditioned for President Marlo of Qurac by destroying a fake airport. They used real Quraci citizens to set the scene, and Rustam destroyed an entire plane using his powers. This was a success and Marlo hired them to kill the American President. The other members of this team included Chimera, Djinn, Jaculi, Manticore, and Ravan. Amanda Waller sent the Suicide Squad to attack their fortress Jotunheim.[1] Rick Flag ambushes Rustam in his quarters, and the two men fight, but Rustam escapes when Flag is distracted. Rustam kills the Suicide Squad member Mindboggler, shooting her in the back with a machine gun. In the aftermath of this encounter, most of his operatives are killed, but Rustam vows to rebuild the Jihad.[2]

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  • Psi-Scimitar: Rustam used a semi-sentient mystical artifact known as the Psi-Scimitar. The Psi-Scimitar generated a flaming blade of energy from its hilt, and could open up dimensional portals.
  • The name "Rustam" is a reference to Rostam, a mythical hero of ancient Persia.



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