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Rustam is a super-powered terrorist working out of Qurac.

He generates a flaming scimitar with his hands that can open dimensional portals and unleash blazing infernos.[1]

Rustam was apprehended by the US government and forced to be the field leader of the first Suicide Squad created by Amanda Waller. After the team failed, Rustam and the rest of the team were imprisoned in a super secret prison, hidden from the rest of world.

Maxwell Lord discovered the location of the first Suicide Squad and freed them, hoping to use them to make the world safer than the Justice League ever could. Invading Belle Reve for the Heart of Darkness with Lord, Rustam battled both the Justice League and the current Suicide Squad, who were working together to foil Lord's plan. Before Rustam could be recaptured, he escaped, looking forward to the revenge he planned on Amanda Waller for keeping him in captivity.[2]




  • Psi-Scimitar: Rustam uses a semi-sentient mystical artifact known as the Psi-Scimitar. The Psi-Scimitar generates a flaming blade of energy from its hilt, and can open up dimensional portals.



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