Raze was one of the clones of Ra's al Ghul that was bred to be the perfect enhanced killer.

However, only Raze and another clone, Silencer proved to be successful. Whereas SIlencer had the ability to mute anything in a certain radius, Raze had the ability to turn anything invisible. He became a high ranking and trusted assassin of Talia al Ghul, second to only his sister. When a war between the underlords of Leviathan broke out, he was one of the only people who was still loyal to Talia. He used numerous operatives including Cradle and Grave to do his bidding and locate his sister in order to help Talia recruit her back to their cause.[1] Although he failed, Silencer made it to the secret headquarters of Leviathan where Talia was. There, Raze ambushed and caught Silencer and took her to Talia. She blackmailed Silencer and then brainwashed her and turned her back into an assassin. She was then sent to work alongside Raze and together they hunted down Doctor Splicer, who had stole the cloning technology to make more soldiers. However, after they broke into the base and killed everyone inside, they discovered that the clones here were mutated abominations and started executing them. However, when Silencer opened the final cell door, she found a seemingly ordinary clone named Smoke. However, Smoke used her telepathy to sense that they were killing the clones and injured Silencer. Raze turned invisible and was able to shoot her, but she quickly detected his mind and became intangible gas. She then put her hand through his chest and solidified, killing him instantly.[2]





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