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Reach is a metahuman woman working for a group of corrupt cops in Gotham City.

When Catwoman robbed a very large amount of dirty money from the dirty cops, they wanted it back, so Reach was sent after her. During their first encounter Catwoman incapacitated Reach just long enough to make her escape.

Catwoman was arrested by the Gotham City Police Department; but they had no evidence to hold her, so they sent in Reach to torture and interrogate her. Reach beat Catwoman brutally, demanding to know where the money was. Eventually, Selina mumbled something from her crumpled position on the floor. Reach leaned in close to hear it, knowing that it's hard to talk with broken ribs. Suddenly, Reach lets out a piercing scream as Selina ripped her ear off with her teeth. Leaping up, Catwoman bashed the dazed meta in the face with her cuffed hands. However, before she could get the upper-hand, Reach used her powers to choke Catwoman. Before Reach could completely asphyxiate Catwoman, she was cracked hard over the head with Detective Carlos Alvarez's nightstick. Realizing what's going on, Alvarez went against his instincts and allowed Catwoman to escape, despite his having searched for her for some time.[1]


  • Gravity Manipulation: Reach possesses the ability to mentally manipulate gravitons, enabling her to control gravity. She can surround any object or person including herself with gravitons thus increasing or decreasing the Earth's pull of gravity upon it.
    • Flight: By decreasing the pull of gravity beneath her, she can fly at any speed or height at which she can still breathe.
    • Movement Impairment and Graviton Attraction: By increasing the pull of gravity beneath her opponents, she can pin them to the ground, having made them too heavy to move, or cause sufficient gravitational stress to impair the normal functioning of the human cardiovascular system. She can also cause an inanimate object to radiate enough gravitons to give it its own gravitational field, able to attract nearby matter and energy.
    • Graviton Blast and Force Field Generation: By rapidly projecting gravitons in a cohesive beam, she can generate a force blast with a maximum concussive force equivalent to the primary shock wave of an explosion.



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