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Rebecca Carstairs was Witchfire, a popstar and witch. She was a member of the Power Company, a corporate superhero team.

Power Company

Rebecca Carstairs is a famous singer, fashion model, and actress who also happens to be a talented witch. She recently became a partner in the San Francisco based corporate superhero team known as the Power Company, in order to raise her Q rating. She was inspired to become a superhero after a chance encounter teamed her up with Wonder Woman to fight Nekron.

During the run of The Power Company, Witchfire discovered that she was not in fact the real Rebecca Carstairs, but actually a homunculus based on Carstairs. This revelation left her highly curious about the nature of her own existence, and she attempted to contact Zatanna and Madame Xanadu for information on her actual origin. This has never been fully resolved.

Day of Vengeance

 Main article: Day of Vengeance More recently, Witchfire was gathered with other mystics in the Oblivion Bar during the Spectre's attack on Earth. In the subsequent crisis events, she was joining the Phantom Stranger's army of mystics to help round up the Seven Deadly Sins, who had escaped when the Spectre destroyed the Rock of Eternity. She was briefly possessed by Lust and attempted to force herself on Blue Devil.

One Year Later

Witchfire was later again seen as a client of the Oblivion Bar from Shadowpact,[1] along with Traci Thirteen and Bork. She was also one of the magic-users enlisted by the Phantom Stranger to guard the barrier over Riverrock, Wyoming while the Shadowpact were stuck.