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Witchfire is a famous musician and witch that unkowingly bore a Witchmark of the Goddess Hecate which would be used to kill her during an event known as the Witching Hour.

Rebecca Carstairs was raised in an orphanage run by nuns. At some time in her childhood she was branded by the Goddess of Magic, Hecate, with a Witchmark that would grant Rebecca a fifth of the goddess' soul, although Rebecca would have no memory of this event until many years later. Whether through the Witchmark or by other means, Rebecca would learn certain magic spells that allowed her to produce and control flames that she would wear about her body like a clothing accessory, much to the horror of the nuns that raised her.

Once she was old enough Rebecca began a successful music and modelling career known as 'Witchfire' where she would flaunt her magical abilities. Her career would eventually run its course and she had sunk into relative obscurity by the time of the Otherkind's arrival and their attack on magic. The threat of the Otherkind drew Rebecca and many other witches to the Oblivion Bar where Traci Thirteen led the witches in a plea to their patron Hecate to protect them from theOtherkind. Hecate, however, had little love for the witches who she saw wastful of magic and so she activated her Witchmark on Rebecca causing her to light up in and incredible flame that killed most of the witches in the Oblivion Bar, including Rebecca herself.

Upon death, Rebecca found herself in a subconscious plane of Hecate that resembled the Moon, after some time she was joined by Wonder Woman who had lost control of her body to Hecate after her allies in the Justice League Dark failed to exorcize the goddess. Rebecca was able to direct Wonder Woman deeper into the Moon plane where she was able to speak with Hecate's suppressed aspects and regain control of her body, ultimately leading to the defeat and death of Hecate. Rebecca would still remain stranded in Hecate's plane until Wonder Woman would return in an attempt to cut of Circe from the plane's power. She was unsuccessful however and had to make a deal with the Otherkind called the Upside-Down Man who devoured Rebecca's soul much to Wonder Woman's horror. Where Rebecca's soul went after she was attacked by the Upside-Down Man is unknown but he called it a place worse than Hell.

She later appeared alongside dozens of other magic users during the events of Lazarus Planet.