Quote1.png They were going to kill me, and god knows what they were going to do to the baby. Quote2.png
Becky Rainmaker src

Becky Rainmaker is the mother of Sarah Rainmaker of Gen 13.

Becky Rainmaker is an Apache woman who was married to Steve Callahan of Team 7. They lived happily together when he got out of the military, and had a child.[1] Callahan was told that Becky and their daughter died in labor. However, Miles Craven of I.O. actually abducted them for Gen-Factor experiments. Becky escaped with her daughter Sarah by punching out a doctor, although she could not contact Steve.[2] It was later shown that she contacted his teammates John Lynch and Michael Cray for help raising the child.[3] During this time, Steve remarried to Rachel Callahan and had two more children Matthew and Nicole.[4]



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