• Probability Manipulation: due to Quantum Entanglement, Becky is able to positively influence quantum particles giving herself Good Luck which in turn negatively influences other quantum particles, causing Bad Luck to anything and anyone within a certain area around herself. the area her power can influence increases the more lucky she becomes starting from a small restaurant or bank sized area all the way up to the size of a city.


  • Power Loss: Because Becky received her powers from Dark Matter Energy expelled from the Speed Force when Barry returned, a second wave of Dark Matter Energy is able to temporarily disable her powers.
  • Vulnerability to Hydrogen-electron charge: Sharpe's abilities can be temporarily negated by a collision of charged particle and atomic inference which disrupts the probabilistic altering nature of her quantum field. Disrupting her propinquity for good fortune.

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series The Flash, its tie-in comic book series, and its related television series. It is an adaptation of Rebecca Sharpe/Hazard. The original character was created by Roy Thomas and Todd McFarlane and first appeared in Infinity Inc. #34.
  • Hazard is the second of twelve metahumans encountered with powers caused by Dark Matter expelled from Barry's return from the Speed Force.
  • Rebecca Sharpe/Hazard is portrayed by Sugar Lyn Beard.
  • Though her body is still alive and housing the consciousness of the Thinker, Rebecca Sharp's consciousness was killed in "True Colors".



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