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Quote1.png My race is mixed, my sex is mixed, I am woman and man and light with darkness, mixed. Mixed. I am nothing special, nothing pure. I am mud and flame. Quote2.png
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Rebis was a gender non-binary composite entity created from the lifeforces of Larry Trainor, Eleanor Poole, and the Negative Spirit. Due to Rebis' connection to Negative Man, they acted as a member of the Doom Patrol.


Rebis was created after the Dominators invasion that wiped out most of the current incarnation of the Doom Patrol. Larry Trainor, formerly known as Negative Man, had been separated from the negative spirit for some time and had been recovering in the hospital.

Rebis is formed

Eventually, the negative spirit found Larry and desired to merge with him again - but this time in a new way. By making contact with both Larry and his other human doctor Eleanor Poole, the three lifeforms became one - the entity now known as Rebis. Having elements of both male and female, black and white, Rebis no longer saw themselves as just the sum of their parts. [2]

Not knowing what had happened, the hospital contacted Dr. Niles Caulder to interview his former associate Larry. At this point, Rebis introduced themselves to Niles as a new entity entirely. Though Niles was confused by the transformation, he invited Rebis to become a member of the Doom Patrol - just like Larry used to be.

New Doom Patrol

No longer Larry

Rebis reunited with the remainder of Larry's former teammates from the the Doom Patrol when the Scissormen began to attack their reality. [3] By absorbing some of their memories, Rebis was able to lead the team to the Scissormen's base of operations. Rebis located the leaders of the scissormen and, by philosophically confusing them, caused to them to explode and return reality to normal.[4]

Rebis briefly reconnected with Eleanor Poole's former husband Dan to explain the situation that they now found themselves in. Dan, devastated that his wife had been absorbed into a new being, reacted emotionally, but Rebis offered a simple hug goodbye as closure. [5]

Rebis assisted in finding Rhea Jones, who had been kidnapped by the interdimensional serial killer Red Jack. The negative spirit distracted Jack long enough for Rhea to be able to stab him with a knife. With Jack defeated, the Doom Patrol returned to reality.

Back at the Doom Patrol headquarters, Rebis was given a bedroom to rest in. However, they chose not to furnish it all and, according to Cliff, they spent all their free time unpacking a Russian nesting doll and talking to themselves in the dark. [6]

Brotherhood of Dada

Later, the Doom Patrol were called in to handle the Brotherhood of Dada after they activated the Painting That Ate Paris. Rebis, having a unique ability to sense the painting's power, allowed the Doom Patrol to enter it and search for the Brotherhood inside through a seemingly endless loop.

However, the Doom Patrol was eventually split up within the painting, and Rebis was forced to fight the Broterhood member the Quiz, who had every power you couldn't think of. Because Rebis couldn't think fast enough, the Quiz captured them with their power to create escape-proof jars. [7]

The Doom Patrol were temporarily defeated until Willoughby Kipling entered the painting and pointed out that they had inadvertently summoned the Fifth Horse of the Apocalypse. The Doom Patrol sprung into action, still inside the painting, to reduce the damage and stop it from escaping to the real world. Jane successfully tamed the horse, and, as the painting began to crumble around them, Rebis helped the city of Paris and the Doom Patrol escape back to the real world. [8]

However, the mental damage of taming the Fifth Horse was too much for Jane and left her in a catatonic state. In order to mentally heal her, back at the Doom Patrol headquarters, Rebis mentally linked Robotman into Jane's subconscious - also known as the Underground - by touching both of them at the same time. The mission was a success, and Jane was restored. [9]

The Doom Patrol then worked together to stop the Cult of the Unwritten Book from summoning the Decreator. Though the Decreator was summoned, with the help of Willoughby Kipling, the Doom Patrol slowed its progress to decreate the world at an exponentially reduced rate.

Aenigma Regis

As Mister Nobody and the Brotherhood of Dada returned to campaign for the presidency, Rebis informed the Doom Patrol that they had to temporarily go on leave to perform the Aenigma Regis - their rebirth ritual. [10] Cliff begged them to stay, but they isisted they go, asking whether they were even really friends. [11]

During their leave of absence as the process began, Rebis had sex with the prostitute Kate Godwin, giving her superpowers herself to become the hero Coagula.

Eventually, Rebis reached the Moon and performed the asexual mating ritual. By going through an intense inner journey, Rebis supposedly merged all three of their inner personalities to create harmony. Unclear of what was real and what was reality, Rebis saw themselves as a bleeding prostitute, themselves pregnant, Larry and Eleanor have sex and die, and a vision of the future where a wax creature attacks. When the ritual was over, Rebis had created a glowing green egg. [1]


Once the vision of the future came true and the Candlemaker began plunging the world into chaos, Rebis returned to confront it in New York City. With a new sense of self, Rebis confirmed that they and Cliff really were friends, before the two sprung into action. However, the Candlemaker proved too strong and, upon grabbing Rebis, reduced them to only their skeleton, killing them. [12]

Willoughby Kipling tracked down the glowing green egg that Rebis had laid and, upon bringing it to the Doom Patrol Headquarters, it hatched into the original Rebis, with all their memories and body still intact. Rebis, using their revitalized energy, used the negative spirit to make the Candlemaker explode, finally ending its destruction. [13]

With the disaster averted, Danny the Street had accumulated enough energy to manifest as something new - Danny the World, an entire planet in another dimension for people to live in. Rebis decided, due to their natural peculiarity, that it was better for them to live in Danny full time. They said goodbye to Cliff and left to start their new life. [14]


  • Asexual Reproduction: Rebis partook in a ritual to reproduce asexually. Every so often, Rebis was called to the moon and, by going on an intense, erotic journey within their mind, produced an egg that would become their new body.
  • Immortality: Through this process, Rebis was essentially immortal. Even if one of their bodies was killed, their asexual copy would continue to live with all their memories.
  • Clairvoyance: Rebis has an otherworldly connection to the abnormal. They can physically feel the presence of danger, like when they detected a mass gathering of Scissormen.[3] They can also sense where other people have been by feeling their former presence around them. [7]
  • Dimensional Travel: Rebis understood the surrealist power of the Painting That Ate Paris and therefore was able to transport his allies in and out of it. [7]
  • Flight
  • Interstellar Travel: Rebis could survive in the vacuum of space without the need for oxygen.
  • Negative Spirit Projection: Despite the negative spirit being one of the components that makes up Rebis, it can still leave them like it could with Negative Man. [4]
  • Discern Motivation: The negative spirit had the ability to absorb the abstract memories of Scissormen by passing through them.[4]
  • Phasing: The negative spirit was able to reach through people as a form of attack. [5]
  • Precognition: Rebis has a limited view into the future. According to them, "I see through time as though through a clear window".[6]
  • Psychic Link: By touching two people at the same time, Rebis could link their minds inside one another. This power allowed for Robotman to enter Jane's mind - also known as the Underground. [9]


  • Mental Fragmentation: As Rebis describes it, their body is perfect - both man and woman - but their mind is crowded holding three people. According to Cliff, all Rebis does in their spare time is stand in their empty room and talk to themselves. [6]
  • Separation: Because the negative spirit represents one third of Rebis' being, whenever it leaves the whole, Rebis' physical body experiences extreme fatigue. [4]

  • Though the vocabulary wasn't commonly understood at the time, Rebis was DC Comics' first non-binary and first intersex character.
  • Because of this new ground being broken, Rebis' pronouns were not made clear throughout Morrison's run. Rebis themself would alternate between using "we" and "I" pronouns, struggling with their identity as three individuals inside one entity.
    Rebis' teammate Cliff Steele did not help in the delineation by instead always referring to Rebis as if they were still Larry Trainor - continuing to refer to them as "he/him" against Rebis' wishes. Today, this would probably be perceived as an act of deadnaming.
    For the sake of clarity and respect, the DC Database refers to Rebis using gender neutral "they/them" pronouns.
  • Rebis' creator Grant Morrison came out as DC's first openly non-binary staff member in October, 2020 - over thirty years after making DC's first non-binary character.
  • Rebis' fascination with Russian nesting dolls - symbolic of themselves - was due to Eleanor Poole's interest in collecting them when she was an individual.[5]
  • Rebis' trench coat perpetually changes colors naturally.[5]



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