The Recombatants were a team of four young experiments.


Created by Dayton Labs in Nevada, the experiment involved artificial intelligence and DNA and used Promethium as a continually generating energy source. They were:

  • Aurora, a girl with illusion casting and mental powers
  • Pseudos, a boy with shape-shifting powers
  • Topaz, a girl with magnetic powers
  • Dreadnaught, a boy with super-strength and invulnerability

However, they were deemed a failure and scheduled for destruction. The four escaped to nearby Las Vegas, where they had a brief fight with the New Teen Titans. Both teams quickly resolved their issues when the Titans realized their opponents aren't a threat, and all returned to Dayton Labs. Realizing they could never lead a normal life and knowing their time was up anyway, the Recombatants destroyed the lab's energy core as well as all the material needed to make new experimental heroes.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  • The Recombatants were an homage to the Eclipse Comics superhero team the DNAgents. Their appearance was paralleled by that of a Teen Titans pastiche team known as Project Youngblood in DNAgents #14.
    • Recombatant Aurora is based on DNAgent Rainbow
    • Pseudos is based on Sham
    • Topaz is based on Amber
    • Dreadnaught is based on Tank

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