Quote1 You think I've forgotten, you little felcher? You slaughtered my gang! Ate my brother! Fed my mother to the Hell-gerbils of Acheron! Stole my girl! Quote2
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Rectomm was the gang leader of the South-Hell Crips, rivals of the North-Hell Bloods, once led by Etrigan in his youth.[1]

When Etrigan was investigating the desecration of a Gotham church, he summoned up his old acquaintance to squeeze him for information. Rectomm was not happy about being summoned against his will, even more so when he realised who was behind it. Rectomm foolishly pulled a knife on Etrigan who immediately disarmed him... by severing his hand, followed by a sharp head-butt. Facing the wrath of Etrigan, Rectomm's macho facade was quickly replaced by timid complacency, and he revealed the culprit was Brandor the Pitrider.[1]


Back in Hell, months after losing his hand to Etrigan, which he had since replaced with a cutlass, Rectomm set up a rendezvous with his girl, Lady Smegma. Attended by his gang, they waited by the Sunless Sea, but before Smegma arrived, Etrigan snuck up behind Rectomm and forced his head backwards, instantly breaking his neck, before decapitating his gang in one swing of their leader's severed sword arm.[2]




  • As a demon, Rectomm is presumably vulnerable to holy powers and artifacts such as holy water or the Ace of Winchesters. Demons are known to be vulnerable to iron.
  • Summoning: Demons can be summoned against their will by those with occult knowledge. If the summoner is powerful enough they can control the demon.[1]
  • Rectomm apparently does not benefit from regeneration that higher level demons possess, as his hand was never restored.[2]


  • Pocket knife.
  • Cutlass replacing the hand Etrigan severed.



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