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Quote1 I got involved because I want to help people. With Black Canary gone, someone has to carry the torch. Quote2
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Red Canary is a costumed vigilante inspired by the legacy of Black Canary.

Red Canary is a college student who adopted a costumed identity based on Black Canary after the Justice League were reported dead.[2] She responded to Nightwing's call for all heroes to gather at the Hall of Justice for a final battle against Pariah.[3]

Red Canary accidentally got pulled into Robin's mission into the Multiverse to find a way to neutralise the Dark Army. This took her on a journey to parallel worlds and the House of Heroes, and into battle against Shadow Demons and Justice League Incarnate.[2]



  • Escrima Sticks: Red Canary wields a pair of high-tech escrima sticks she stole from a villain.[2]



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