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"We're Not In Kansas Anymore": Red Hood walks through a park to meet a child sat on a swing-set, he asks a young boy, Caden, or Vessel, to search the dead for his lost friends - Artemis and [[Bizarro II (Prime Earth)|Bizarro

Quote1.png My name is Jason Todd. In my short lives, I've been a homeless kid --...and an outlaw. To name a few. Now? God help us one and all... I'm a teacher. Quote2.png
Red Hood

Red Hood: Outlaw Annual #3 is an issue of the series Red Hood: Outlaw Annual (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2019. It was published on July 31, 2019.

Synopsis for "We're Not In Kansas Anymore"

Red Hood walks through a park to meet a child sat on a swing-set, he asks a young boy, Caden, or Vessel, to search the dead for his lost friends - Artemis and Bizarro - but Caden cannot find any trace of them. Jason then disengages the simulation of a field and ushers Caden back to his class.

Six months earlier, on another Earth, Artemis and Bizzaro wander through a destroyed Metropolis unaware that they are being watched. They head into the Hall of Justice which has been destroyed until a security guard approaches them and reveals the events of "Hero Day" wherein all heroes lost their powers and everyone else gained abilities. He then leads Bizarro and Artemis into the Superman hall where the globe from the top of the Daily Planet has crushed Superman's body. The guard then turns on the Outlaws preparing to attack, Artemis tries to summon her axe, Mistress, but her spirit is nearly torn from her body and she is knocked down, the guard knocks Bizarro back and pins him down using his spike ability. Bizarro however overpowers the guard and punches him into the Sun.

As Artemis and Bizzaro run from the Hall, they almost bump into more super-powered people an while they wait for the group to pass another approaches them from behind, he introduces himself as Jack Knife an asks the duo to join his resistance.

6 months later, in present day, a young girl falls from the skies as her wings fade out, a man in a mechanized suit named Kennel towers over Flutterby and prepares to ill her for defecting to the Resistance's side but Bizzaro flies in and destroys the suit. He takes the stolen green crystal and does not kill Kennel but he also does not stop Flutterby. Elsewhere Artemis and Jack Knife are imprisoned at the Pentagon. As the guards enter their cell they use the opportunity to fight back, Jack Knife rushes the guards while they tase Artemis and soon the two are freed.

Bizzaro and Flutterby return to the Resistance's base inside the toppled Washington Monument and inform the others that everything is ready and now they need to wait for the signal.

Artemis and Jack soon find the people in charge, General Sam Lane demonstrates his plan to invade other Earths, especially the one Artemis and Bizzaro came from, and to steal their powers and resources too. Artemis has one question, how will they do this? From one side, an enormous and horrid oversized head is wheeled into the room and revealed to be Lex Luthor who had rebuilt the Quantum Door which brought the two Outlaws to this Earth.

Artemis charges at Lex but she is incapacitated by another shock however this is revealed to be a ploy and she uses that as a distraction to summon the Resistance who come bursting through the wall. One of the resistance uses his shadow powers to entrap Gen. Lane while Artemis uses her broadsword to execute Lex and the use the green crystal to reverse the genetic bomb.

Artemiss and Bizzaro hold hands as they stand before the Quantum Doorway hoping to return to their own world as they leap into the void.

Appearing in "We're Not In Kansas Anymore"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Red Hood
  • Arsenal (Mentioned only)
  • The Resistance
    • Jack Knife
    • Flutterby
    • Frog-man "G"
  • "Shady"


  • Local inhabitants
    • Officer "Jerk-Head" (Only appearance; dies)
    • Air Quote
    • Dairy King
    • Butcher Block
    • Kennel (Only appearance; dies)
  • General Sam Lane
  • Lex Luthor (Dies)

Other Characters:

  • Vessel (First appearance)
  • Brainiac (Mentioned only)
  • Superman (Deceased)
  • Batman (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Cyborg (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Green Lantern (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Hawkgirl (On a TV or computer screen)
  • Wonder Woman (On a TV or computer screen)



  • Mistress Axe (Mentioned only)
  • Genetic Bomb
    • Green jewel


  • Quantum Doorway

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