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"An Untold Tale of the Red Hood!": Gotham City. Ma Gunn's School for Boys

Quote1.png Funny, I actually escaped death... but one life later, the past keeps dragging me back. Quote2.png
Red Hood

Red Hood: Outlaw #48 is an issue of the series Red Hood: Outlaw (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 25, 2020.

Synopsis for "An Untold Tale of the Red Hood!"

Gotham City. Ma Gunn's School for Boys

Jason is back in town: Gotham City once again is a hellhole, thanks to the Joker who just took possession of Wayne Enterprises, turning Batman's weapons against him and the place he wants to defend. The Red Hood knows he's in Batman's city, so only rubber bullets, but he can still kick some clown butt. He decides to transform his former home, Ma Gunn's School for Boys, into an explosive trap for the goons of the Joker, the more the better. Batman told him no guns and no killing, but is it his fault if a building collapses on some criminal? Jason does not think so.

As he plants explosives and triggers an autodestruction sequence, Jason attracts the Joker's goons inside and starts fighting. Soon though, he hears a chilling sound: metal on flesh, the same sound he heard all over again when the Joker killed him in the past. He wants to stop it, and finds out that a mysterious woman, for sure associated with the clown prince of crime, is beating Duela Dent, also known as the Joker's Daughter, to death. As he tries to save her, as no criminal is worthy of a death like that, he gets attacked by another man, always serving the Joker. The clown speaks through this man, challenging Jason to a fight.

As Hood tries to defeat both the lieutenants of the Joker, he forgets about the autodestruction sequence he triggered, with the place exploding and Duela probably dead because of that. Jason is in pain, and the two criminals got away. As he tries to decide what to do next, a distress call from the Alfred Pennyworth Children Hospital comes through the comm link: it seems Batgirl is in danger, as the Joker planted bombs in the hospital. Jason and Tim both answer the call, and this time the Red Hood will not let anyone down.

Jason cannot know that the masked man he was fighting was a brainwashed version of his friend Dick Grayson, now believing he was the Joker's most loyal sidekick since his early years. Him and Punchline never killed Duela: they have plans for her. Still, they placed a body of a girl of the same age inside the building, in case Jason wants to check out the site.

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