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Quote1.png Because at the end of the day what people are afraid of is the nothing of it, Bruce. The randomness. The empty center. Stare into it and try to find meaning. You'll go mad. All you can do is fear, and survive. It's the truth. That's what this gang is--you see, Bruce? I came up with the idea for it in the wake of your parents' death. In that wonderful moment--that true moment, right after. See? We wear the red hood to court the wolf, rather than hide. Eat us, we say. Eat us all. Quote2.png
Red Hood Onesrc

A gang based on mindless violence, the Red Hood Gang was a criminal organization lead by the mysterious Red Hood One.


Each member, mostly middle to upper class city dwellers who were blackmailed into joining, was given a red mask and a number, the latter being branded on him with a hot iron.

The Red Hood Gang ruled the city before the first appearance of the vigilante known as the Batman. The gang robbed banks and murdered people, all in the name of chaos.[1]

Planning to unleash a cocktail of deadly chemicals on the city, the Red Hood Gang was finally stopped by Batman, who exposed their dastardly plot to the media and then defeated the leader, who refused capture and, instead, plummeted into a vat of chemicals.[2]

During the Zero Year blackout brought forth by the Riddler, Jason Todd attended an attempted revival of the gang, where Talia al Ghul decapitated the attempted leader, causing the assembled prospective members to fall into disarray in the chaos and be killed in a explosion by the Joker, thus putting an end to the existence of the Red Hood Gang for good.[3]

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