"We Are Family-- Come On Everybody And Die!": Still captive to the Blight, Roy Harper continues his story, now answering to Starefire's sister Komand'r. Starfire had been conflicted about whe

Quote1.png Then my love will have to be enough for both of us. Because if we are going to save our people -- I need my warrior sister at my side. Quote2.png

Red Hood and the Outlaws #12 is an issue of the series Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2012.

Synopsis for "We Are Family-- Come On Everybody And Die!"

Still captive to the Blight, Roy Harper continues his story, now answering to Starefire's sister Komand'r. Starfire had been conflicted about whether or not to save Tamaran from the Blight, when she had been abandoned to the Citadel by her own people as a girl. He tried to cheer her up, but she would have none of it. He was interrupted in his efforts by Depalo, so he went to speak with K'tten.

Aside, Depalo warned Starfire that her nature as a lone Tamaranean on earth could easily see her hurting Roy, for whom she obviously feels affection. She explained that while she had initially gone to earth to isolate herself, Roy was unlike others, and she would never do anything to hurt him. Elsewhere, Jason Todd admitted to his "date" Isabel that this experience in space was a first for him, too. Despite the craziness of their situation, Isabel was obviously interested in spending more time with him.

Jason and Isabel stepped out of the elevator to find Roy and K'tten arguing about a complicated matter. Roy believed that they could reroute the energy from the ship's propulsion into supplying the life support system instead of draining it by overriding the ship's tachyon field containment. K'tten was surprised to discover that his suggestion worked.

Suddenly, though, there was a breach, and the Blight began to teleport directly onto the ship's bridge. While they fought the Blight off, Roy noticed a transporter beam being aimed at Starfire, and leapt in its path. And that was how he ended up being captured by the Blight.

As it turns out, Komand'r is no less a prisoner than Roy, and when the Blight becomes antagonistic toward her, Roy admits that he had only let himself be transported to the Blight mothership in order to save her. He grabs her, and is instantly teleported back aboard the HMSS Starfire. Orn orders the shields back up, just as it was planned. Then, the Starfire heads straight into the mouth of the Blight mothership. Roy had had a special tracker implanted in his arm before getting captured that would allow Starfire to lock onto him with their teleporters. This was all in Starfire's plan.

With her sister safe on board, Koriand'r takes her aside in private, and begins to cry. Komand'r apologizes for her deceit; for working with the Blight. Kori assures her that she never doubted her sister's loyalty for a second. She has forgiven her for the decisions she made as the young queen of Tamaran, but Komand'r may never be able to forgive herself. In any case, they will have to steel themselves for the fight against the Blight.

Meanwhile on Tamaran, the Blight commander has discovered a human colonel and his wife, who have spent their days there. The man will not explain his purpose for being there beyond uttering the words "The Thirteen". The Blight commander drains the life from his prey, hoping that the Thirteen are merely a myth, because their unity would result in the death of the omniverse.

After their reunion, Starfire and Komand'r return to the Tamaran surface, and refuse to let anyone else come with them. Roy promises that if Starfire doesn't make it back, he will avenge her.

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