"Don't Let the Door Hit You On Your Way Out!": Waiting in their ship, Arsenal and Starfire are relieved to receive a message from the Red Hood. Jason had been taken by the Joker, and tho

Quote1 No, Jason. He didn't make you. I never did either. You made you. Quote2

Red Hood and the Outlaws #17 is an issue of the series Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 2013.

Appearing in "Don't Let the Door Hit You On Your Way Out!"

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  • Joker (Behind the scenes)

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Synopsis for "Don't Let the Door Hit You On Your Way Out!"

Waiting in their ship, Arsenal and Starfire are relieved to receive a message from the Red Hood. Jason had been taken by the Joker, and though they had searched, they had not found him. In any case, Jason is alive, and he has sent them an entirely automated care to bring them to him.

Jason is still at Wayne Manor, and though he needs to leave, he has a few goodbyes to say. First is Damian, Bruce Wayne's only real son, and the boy whose mother brought him back from the dead. Damian isn't eager to hear Jason's words, or his promise that he and the other former Robins can be a source of support for him. Jason hopes inwardly that it won't take death and resurrection to show Damian how to let go of his own hate.

When Roy and Starfire arrive, Roy quickly annoys Damian into a sparring match, and Starfire sweeps Jason up in her arms explaining that she had worried very much about him. Jason invites her inside, but the princess demurs, and Jason realizes that as much as she wants to hide it, she does have feelings and attachments that she plays close to the vest.

Some of those feelings and attachments are related to Nightwing, who is himself waiting inside the manor. Dick chooses not to speak to his old flame, but makes Jason promise that he'll watch over her.

After breaking up the fight between Damian and Roy, Jason enters the Batcave. Though all of the family had initially made excuses about returning to the mansion to discuss what happened, only Batgirl had stuck to her guns. Now that Jason is back, he hopes he can get away without having to say goodbye to Bruce.

Naturally, this is not to be, and Bruce calls out to him from his chair at the computers. He admits that he vouched for Jason with Superman, because, while he doesn't agree with his methods, he can't argue with his results. Before leaving, Jason asks whether it could be true what the Joker had said about having created him. Batman responds that neither he nor the Joker created Jason - Jason created Jason. Silently, Jason thanks Bruce for that.

While Jason continues to wander the manor, Roy teaches Damian the value of playing catch. Jason returns to his old room, and remembers how he had never been able to sleep well. He is interrupted by Alfred Pennyworth who asks if he intends to stay a while, remarking that it is nice to have a full house again. Knowing Jason doesn't intend to stay, Alfred reminds him that he will always have a home at the manor.

Finally preparing to leave, Jason puts on his helmet, only to be surprised by a sudden spark of electricity. He is horrified when his vision is filled by a holographic representation of the Joker. The vision states that if he is watching it, the Joker must have died (or is presumed dead). Turning on Jason, the Joker complains that he was supposed to have been his masterpiece; the Robin who stayed dead. By returning to life, Jason ruined it all. So, if Jason intends to be his own man, he must start with a clean slate.

At this, the helmet fills with Joker Gas, and the sound of Jason's maniacal laughter catches the attention of the entire house. Batman gets there first, tearing the helmet away, but the gas has done its work.


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  • The cover is a homage to the final scene from Batman #428.

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