"Dissolution": After his friend Jason abandoned he and Starfire after learning what kind of man he'd been before he had his memory wiped, Roy Harper is upset, and vents to his therapist, [[Hugo Strange (Prime E

Quote1 We'll come for you when this is done, Jason and me... the three of us will be together again. I promise. Quote2
-- Roy Harper

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After his friend Jason abandoned he and Starfire after learning what kind of man he'd been before he had his memory wiped, Roy Harper is upset, and vents to his therapist, Dr. Hugo Strange about it all. He feels as though there are some external forces trying to pull the three friends apart, and that he is powerless to stop it. Strange responds that Roy's tendency to trust - to wear his heart on his sleeve - makes him vulnerable, though it is admirable.

Meanwhile, Starfire eavesdrops in the hall, until she spots Essence hiding nearby through a window. Angrily, Starfire wonders whether the All-Caste sent her to further tear her friendships apart, but the dark woman professes that she came of her own volition. She explains that she has actually come to set things right, and to warn of things to come. Essence claims that Hugo Strange sold them all out, intending to claim the bounty on their heads for himself. However, he doesn't know the full scale of what he has unleashed. Something big has already found them and is waiting to strike.

Meanwhile, Jason is under attack by a killer called Rictus, who claims to have taught him. Jason's mind-wipe prevents him from remembering him at all, and he does his best to get away. Unfortunately, he is quickly set upon by both Lady Shiva and Cheshire - and apart from his recent encounter with Cheshire, he has no recollection of training with them either.

Strange advises Roy that he will only end up broken again if he sticks with Kori and Jason. He is interrupted by Starfire, who relays the warning that Essence gave her, just in time to see the Untitled appear in the room.

Shiva, meanwhile, suggests that they should reconsider their plans for Jason, seeing that he is not ready. Jason responds by throwing his helmet at them, and shooting it, causing the explosives hidden inside to knock both women back so that he can run for his life. Unfortunately, he runs straight into the hands of December Graystone and Bronze Tiger, the latter of whom explains that they actually have no desire to harm him, promising the truth soon. Graystone transports them magically to the gates to 'Eth Alth'eban, the sacred city of the League of Assassins.

Terrified by the obvious evil of the Untitled, Hugo Strange runs for his life, leaving Roy to face the ancient beings. The Untitled claim, though, that they are not there to kill Roy. The bounty was merely a warning, to keep them all on their toes. Apparently, their goals are the same. The Untitled reveal that Jason has been taken by the League of Assassins, and that he will not survive the plans they have for him. Drakar of the Untitled offers that if Roy and Kori help them storm the Assassin's sacred city gates, they will allow Jason to go free, and they will never hear from the Untitled again.

Worriedly, Roy takes Kori aside and warns that they will not be able to face the League of Assassins by themselves, so they must ally with the Untitled, despite knowing that they will be stabbed in the back. Kori responds that she will not join him if he takes this reckless path, and when he insists, she reluctantly says goodbye to him, for now. Shedding a tear, Roy insists that he and Jason will come back and find her when they get out of this.

Meanwhile, Jason is led down into the hidden city, and marvels at just how beautiful it is; the city that Ra's al Ghul has been building for centuries. Now, Jason has been chosen to lead the people who live there.


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