"Dangerous People": Roy Harper has allied himself with the Untitled in order to help get his friend Jason Todd back to normal, after his memory was wiped. Unfortunately, Jason's new friends with the [[League

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #22 is an issue of the series Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2013.

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Synopsis for "Dangerous People"

Roy Harper has allied himself with the Untitled in order to help get his friend Jason Todd back to normal, after his memory was wiped. Unfortunately, Jason's new friends with the League of Assassins assure him that Roy's reckless alliance is going to lead to great danger for everyone.

Jason has been lead to the ancient and sacred city of 'Eth Alth'eban, where the League of Assassins resides. Bronze Tiger explains that costumed heroes have been fighting to maintain a broken system - a system that can only be fixed by taking the next step, and culling the weak and wicked from the world. He and the others have chosen Jason to be their leader in taking the action that the world's super-heroes have been too afraid to take. Jason admits that he abandoned his friends because he didn't want to be a killer. In response, Bronze Tiger begs the opportunity to show Jason how to do real lasting good.

Starfire, meanwhile, uses Tamaranean technology to call on Essence. The ethereal woman is not happy to have been summoned against her will, and attacks, requiring Starfire to defend herself - and then some. Finally, she manages to get Essence's ear long enough to ask why everyone seems to have Jason in their sights. Essence is angry to learn that Roy agreed to partner with the Untitled to bring down the Assassins' city, and explains that if the plan succeeds, nothing will be able to stop the Untitled ever again.

The assassins give Jason a tour of the Death Market, where tools of death and murder can be bought, to fill any need - provided that need is killing a lot of people. After reuniting with Graystone, Cheshire, Lady Shiva, and Rictus, Bronze Tiger calls a meeting of the council, to which Jason is invited. Meanwhile, they are concerned about the security of the city, given the coming war. Rictus assures them that it would take something like four hundred Terawatts of power to break through the city's walls.

Roy, meanwhile, has just designed a weapon capable of a six hundred Terawatt blast. The Untitled are eager to strike, and Roy is eager to save Jason, unaware of any malicious intent on the part of his host, Drakar. However, he is not comfortable with the warning that if he and his inventions fail to break into the city to destroy the seal at its centre, the Untitled will kill him - if the Assassins don't do it first.

Essence explains that both the Untitled and the All-Caste are changing. Ever since her people were made to drink from the Well of Sins, she and everyone else who had partook have felt a powerful darkness inside them - and that darkness wants to escape them, and return to the well. There is a connection between her plight and the League of Assassins. Long ago, Ducra had met with R'as al Ghul and entrusted him with the secret of the Lazarus Pits. The pits, however, are merely splintered remnants of the original pit - the Well of Sins. R'as had promised to protect the Well itself, building a great army to prevent anyone - even himself - from using it. The Well has sat for centuries untouched and sealed. The once-truce between the All-Caste and the Untitled extended to Ra's League of Assassins, and if the Untitled strike out at the sacred city, the balance of good and evil in the world will be offset, and it is already clear that the Untitled is not concerned about maintaining that balance.

Essence admits that the only way she knew to strip the Untitled of their dark power was lost with her mother. If Roy destroys the gates and the seal, the Untitled will regain access to the Well of Sin, and nothing will stop them. She warns that if Kori wants to save the world, she may have to kill Roy, and abandon Jason to the Assassins forever.

At their meeting, Jason wonders what it is about him that makes them think he can lead them to victory against the Untitled. Bronze Tiger admits, amid jeers from his companions, that he was told by Talia al Ghul that Jason would be the only one who could stop the Untitled, if they ever attacked. This comes as a surprise to Jason, given that he can't even remember what the Untitled look like. Bronze Tiger reminds that if Jason wants to do good with his life, he can't do much better than to fight against the most powerful force for evil on the planet. Just then, sensors reveal that something is on the perimeter of the city. It is Roy, and he is heavily armed.


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  • Roy's baseball cap says "What would Tesla do?" - a reference to inventor Nikola Tesla.

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