"All Fall Down": From the Arabian desert, Drakar and the Untitled anticipate the destruction of the fountain that prevents them from entering the city of 'Eth Alth'eban and destroying the [[League of Assassins (Prime Earth)

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Red Hood and the Outlaws #23 is an issue of the series Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2013. It was published on August 21, 2013.

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Synopsis for "All Fall Down"

From the Arabian desert, Drakar and the Untitled anticipate the destruction of the fountain that prevents them from entering the city of 'Eth Alth'eban and destroying the League of Assasins. Unfortunately, the League has chosen Jason Todd as its champion, and he was trained by the very woman who kept the Untitled at bay for 10,000 years. Jason is amnesic, though, and the Drakar has recruited Jason's friend Roy Harper as the Untitled's champion.

Roy, meanwhile, is using all of his unique inventions to hold back the defensive attacks of the Man-Bat Commandos of the League of Assassins. The first assassin Roy encounters is Graystone, and he soon entraps the magician within a block of ice, thanks to some grenades made with technology he stole from Mister Freeze. Next, though, Cheshire appears next to him, thanks to her teleportation abilities, and steals the hat off of his head. However, he spots the teleportation device implanted in her wrist and uses an electrical shock to short it out. That causes the device to malfunction, and she disappears completely.

Drakar is pleased with Roy's success thus far, but he is put off when someone arrives in the city.

Jason confronts Roy in the hidden city and explains that he wants to be there. Roy believes that Jason has been brainwashed and knocks his friend down, determinedly. He is startled when Starfire intervenes. Roy accuses her of abandoning he and Jason, but she counters that the Untitled are using him for their own purposes. She is attacked then by Rictus, whose density increases such that Starfire slams hard into the earth. Determinedly, Roy promises to get all of his friends out of the city, but he is stopped by Jason and his new friends, and tossed against the hard stones ringed around the sacred fountain. Though he can't seem to get Jason to come around, Roy decides to do what the Untitled asked of him, and sends an explosive arrow to destroy the fountain.

Angrily, Bronze Tiger suggests that they just kill Roy and Kori, but Jason intervenes, agreeing at last that he will lead the League of Assassins, so long as his former friends would be left unharmed. Reluctantly, Bronze Tiger agrees to have them imprisoned as the Untitled draws near.

Starfire reminds Jason that she would rather die than be put in chains again. She warns him that with the last Lazarus Pit uncovered, it can strip away the Untitled's powers, which is why they have come to destroy it. They must not succeed. As she and Roy are escorted away, she warns Jason not to die today. As he prepares himself, Jason begins to hear a voice from within that explains that his destiny is coming to fruition, and shows him how to make the mystical All-Blades manifest in his hands. Though he doesn't remember what all this means, he hopes it will help, as the Untitled arrive in the sacred city.


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