"Remembering": One year ago, Talia al Ghul submerged Jason Todd in a Lazarus Pit, fulfilling a small element of her greater plan for him, despite his relationship to the dangerous Batman.

Quote1.png Jason Todd has just walked into his own death. And with his memories back... he finally knows this is the end. Quote2.png

Red Hood and the Outlaws #26 is an issue of the series Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2014. It was published on December 18, 2013.

Synopsis for "Remembering"

One year ago, Talia al Ghul submerged Jason Todd in a Lazarus Pit, fulfilling a small element of her greater plan for him, despite his relationship to the dangerous Batman.

Now, Jason is under attack by Talia's father, the mysterious Ra's al Ghul, who demands to know just what his daughter saw in the boy. Having just emerged from the first Lazarus Pit - the Well of Sins - Ra's is consumed by the evil that once corrupted the Untitled centuries ago. Now he feels compelled to rid himself of the machinations of his daughter and Ducra by killing Jason.

Outside the sacred city of 'Eth Alth' Eban, Essence hopes to intervene on Jason's behalf, but Ducra's spirit warns her against it. Jason must turn the tides against the Demon's Head by himself. Essence's role is yet to come. Before long, Jason and his once-friends Arsenal and Starfire are bound together awaiting their fate. The remaining League of Assassins are uncomfortable with just how decisive Ra's seems to be, but they must be loyal to him all the same.

Realizing that they will soon die, Jason apologizes for dragging his friends into the mess. Roy, ever optimistic, suggests that Jason has the capability to get them out of this situation. He recalls how S'aru had told them that it was within Jason's power to regain his erased memories. Jason reminds that he must have had some good reason to erase his memories, but Roy insists that remembering is for the best. Kori chimes in, stating that they would rather die with their friend, who is much stronger than he ever knew.

At Ra's al Ghul's command, the prisoners are brought to him, and he promises to use his new found power to see them dead. Jason, however, determines that he cannot allow it to happen. As Ra's gathers his power, Jason tells himself again and again that he wants to remember what he chose to forget. At last, the images rush through his mind, and begin to reform as memories. Unfortunately, the revelation occurs earlier than Ducra had planned.

Having regained all of his training with Batman as well, Jason is free of his chains almost instantly. His training with Lady Shiva sees him making short work of the League's Man-Bats. He uses that same training to best Lady Shiva herself, only to be attacked by Bronze Tiger next. In the meantime, though, Cheshire - whose loyalty to the League of Assassin's returned master is waning - attempts to rescue Roy and Kori. Before long, the pair are free to aid Jason in his fight. Smirking, he welcomes them back, apologizing for his having deceived them. They are confused, unaware that his decision to erase his memory was part of a grander plan.

Essence senses that Jason and his friends will win, but Ducra warns that he has walked into his own death, having regained his memories before he was meant to, and managing to summon the true All-Blades in the process. Now he knows that this is the end.

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