"Who Are You? -- Hoo? Hoo?": Arsenal and Starfire are somewhat confused as to why Jason Todd has decided to stay in Gotham City and help fight the Talons of the [[Court of Owls (Prime Earth)|Court of Ow

Quote1.png Someone tell me I'm not having a heart-to-heart with a reanimated assassin. Quote2.png
Jason Todd

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 is an issue of the series Red Hood and the Outlaws (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 2012.

Appearing in "Who Are You? -- Hoo? Hoo?"

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Synopsis for "Who Are You? -- Hoo? Hoo?"

Arsenal and Starfire are somewhat confused as to why Jason Todd has decided to stay in Gotham City and help fight the Talons of the Court of Owls, given how he feels about Batman. Jason explains that he is there for the city, not the man. They have landed in Chinatown, where a Talon has targeted Victor Fries. Apparently aware of the intent on his life, Mister Freeze has covered Chinatown in ice. Jason has Roy and Kori evacuate the civilians while he takes on the Talon alone.

Jason finds the Talon and Mister Freeze already engaged in battle, but he intervenes. Freeze claims that he needs no help, and freezes Jason's gun-hand. Unfortunately, this allows the Talon the opportunity to escape. Jason attempts to send the Talon plummeting to his death, but he is surprised to hear that the Talons are able to be resurrected from death. The Talon manages to pin him, and raises his knife high over his head for a killing blow. At the height of the knife's arc, one of Roy's arrows pierces through both of the Talon's hands. Even though Kori and Roy are free to help him now, Jason simply orders them to take care of Freeze, while he chases the Talon.

Jason watches the Talon run towards an old sign for Haly's Circus, and wonders if that might be more than a coincidence, given that the assassin moves like an acrobat. Jason demands to know why he was led to this empty lot. He correctly assumes that the Talon once ran away to join the circus, and then the Court took him. The Talon explains that he may have given up his body, but not his soul. Jason commiserates, but feels awkwardly about the fact that he appears to be having a heart-to-heart with an assassin.

Starfire faces Mister Freeze, and wonders at his motivations. He explains that he would never have accepted work for the Court of Owls if he had known they would use his technology in order to resurrect their Talons. He swears revenge, once he has dealt with her. Before he can freeze her, Roy looses an electrified arrow that zaps Freeze into unconsciousness.

The Talon removes his mask and drops his weapons. He reveals that his name is Xiao Loong, and since he was a child, his every thought and deed was dictated by the Court - down to the very time and place of his death. Now, he begs Jason to execute him, so that he can die on his own terms. Jason removes his own mask, and admits that he understands completely. He places his gun to the man's head, and fires.

Batgirl has taken out a Talon on her own. She replaced the Owl Signal on the roof of Gotham City Police Headquarters with the Bat-Signal. She is now waiting on Batman for any sign that he's okay before heading to help the Birds of Prey. She is surprised when she finds Jason standing on the roof too, with Mister Freeze at his feet. She warns that regardless of his help, it doesn't excuse his past actions, and she will not hesitate in future to take him down. Jason comments that better bats than she have tried, and reminds her to tell Bruce a "you're welcome" from him.



  • The title refers to the song 'Who Are You' by The Who.

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