T.O. Morrow attempted to destroy the Justice Society of America by creating an android designed and programmed to think he was a human. This android, Red Torpedo, was to infiltrate the Justice Society of America as a hero. When this attempt failed, T.O. Morrow made an android with better emotions and more humanity: Danette Reilly who took up the identity of Firebrand. However, Danette overcame her programming and was ultimately damaged by Dragon King while acting as a true hero.

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Sixty years later she was reactivated along with her brother Red Torpedo and was renamed Red Inferno. Morrow used the androids to attack the Team and capture Red Tornado. He then combined the androids' programming and memories to create the ultimate “Red" -- Red Volcano. Red Volcano destroyed the android duplicate of Morrow himself, and then attempted to destroy the world with massive volcanic eruptions. Red Tornado convinced Red Torpedo and Red Inferno to help battle their new brother by reminding them that they had always been Heroes. The three Red Heroes joined forces with the team to battle Red Volcano, but in order to defeat him, Red Torpedo and Red Inferno had to sacrifice themselves.





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