"Rebel YELL": Deep in the backwaters of Sector 666 space, a ship containing refugee Sinestro Corps is hiding. Its occupants have witnessed the execution of much of their Corps at the hands of Sinestro, and all have chosen to remove their ring fingers rather t

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Guy Gardner

Red Lanterns #7 is an issue of the series Red Lanterns (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2012. It was published on March 7, 2012.

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Synopsis for "Rebel YELL"

Deep in the backwaters of Sector 666 space, a ship containing refugee Sinestro Corps is hiding. Its occupants have witnessed the execution of much of their Corps at the hands of Sinestro, and all have chosen to remove their ring fingers rather than risk detection by removing the ring itself. There is some hopeful discussion of finding other Sinestro Corps survivors, but this is quickly undermined by the violent arrival of Bleez with a large handful of Red Lanterns. Bleez orders that some be kept alive for interrogation and declares a new age for the Red Lanterns: the Age of Bleez.

On Earth, Guy Gardner, Green Lantern, is fending off furious attacks from newly converted Red Lantern, Jack Moore. As their conflict throws them among heavy, fast-moving traffic, Moore cannot understand a word Guy is saying, owing to the angry red haze of his Red Lantern ring. While fending him off, Guy is trying to get through to Moore, recalling his own brush with being a Red Lantern. Some of it must be sinking in, because Moore is enraged by the seemingly ridiculous talk of Green, Red, and Blue Lanterns. He lashes out at Guy before managing to stammer a request for help. Guy is so stunned by the event of a Red Lantern speaking coherent words to him that he almost lets himself get run over by a car – he is saved by Moore. The resulting pile-up of car crashes, however, requires Guy's immediate help and he is unable to pursue Moore when the red lantern takes off, straight upwards.

As Moore plummets through the empty vacuum of space, pulled by his ring towards an unknown destination, he is in sufficient control of his intelligence to realise that no normal human being would survive his current actions. He concludes he must no longer be human.

On a barren asteroid, Bleez is interrogating the recently captured Sinestro Corps. She learns of Sinestro's change of allegiance to the Green Lanterns, but refuses to believe it. Her personal grievances against the Sinestro Corps[1] lead her to promise war against Sinestro and what remains of his yellow lanterns. Filo, the subject of her interrogation, mocks her for presuming to have deposed the greatly feared Atrocitus – a lantern that even Sinestro feared. Bleez napalms the insolent yellow lantern to black cinders, but not without acknowledging some truth to what he was saying. She then declaims to all her Red Lanterns that Atrocitus is now a shadow of what he once was, stuck in the past, scurrying around Ysmault looking for the corpse of Krona.

On Ysmault, Atrocitus feels like he is closing in on Krona as he enters The Abominable Zone: a place where he conducted and buried his first failed experiments in creating the Red Lanterns. Atrocitus admits to himself that his power has waned with Krona's disappearance. When he detects nearby movement, Atrocitus expects the opportunity to slaughter Krona, but is shocked to come face-to-face with one of his monstrous early Red Lantern experiments, Absymus, seemingly back from the dead and wearing Krona's skin. Abysmus has constructed a small army of fellow zombie lantern experiments (Abysmorphs), and their agenda is clear: revenge on Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns. Atrocitus is ecstatic that Abysmus has chosen to wear Krona's skin, this serves to re-inspire his Lantern rage as he starts ripping through the horde, heading straight for Abysmus. Just as Atrocitus gets his hand at Abysmus' throat, a new Red Lantern crash-lands out of the sky – it is Jack Moore. Atrocitus demands that Jack explain his presence – then Abysmus plunges a spear of rock through Atrocitus' chest. Within seconds of arriving, Jack Moore finds himself surrounded by a horde of angry Abysmorphs.


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  • Never before seen Red Lanterns first appear in this issue.

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