Red Panzer is a Nazi legacy super-villain who is regularly an enemy of Wonder Woman. He was originally active during World War II, but his descendants have continued into the modern era. His powers come from the armored suit that he wears, granting him increased strength, invulnerability, and the ability to shoot concussive blasts from an arm-cannon. Red Panzer I was Helmut Streicher, a super-scientist from Germany who fought the Justice Society of America in the forties. Red Panzer II was a neo-Nazi bent on white supremacy who died in his first battle against Donna Troy. Red Panzer III was the second Panzer's son, who took up the battle to avenge his father's death. Red Panzer IV is an anarchist who was offered the position by Vandal Savage after his predecessor was murdered. This identity has been associated with the Nazi Party, Tartarus and the Secret Society of Super-Villains. Red Panzer was created by Martin Pasko and Jose Delbo, first appearing in Wonder Woman #228. (1977)

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