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Red Robin is a vigilante superhero associated with the Batman Family, usually a graduated form of Batman's original sidekick Robin. The original Red Robin was Dick Grayson of the Kingdom Come universe, an alternate form of the character's usual Nightwing alias. Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood at the time, became the first regular Red Robin of the mainstream DC Universe when he received the costume as a gift from the Batman of an alternate universe during Countdown. After Todd stopped using the costume it came into the possession of a super-villain named Ulysses Armstrong who wore it briefly during Search for a Hero. Tim Drake took the mantle at the end of Battle for the Cowl after his position as Robin was given to Damian Wayne. He uses it to assume a darker persona in The Grail.

Red Robin was created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, originally appearing as an Elseworlds character in Kingdom Come #2 (1996). The costume's first appearance in regular continuity was in Paul Dini's Countdown to Final Crisis #14 (2008).



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