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Tim Drake returns to Gotham City in his Red Robin costume for the first time. He stops to take down the new Killer Moth and worries about maintaining his grim image. Tam Fox is delivered safely home whil

Quote1.png The League of Assassins is my legacy. It seems only fair that I have everyone that Bruce Wayne ever loved, everything he ever built, destroyed. The Batman will have no legacy. Quote2.png
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Collision' is a Red Robin storyline written by Christopher Yost and illustrated by Marcus To. This is the third arc of Yost's Red Robin series, preceded by Council of Spiders and followed by The Hit List. It also crossover over with Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl series featuring Stephanie Brown, following his debut arc Batgirl Rising and leading into Miller's second arc The Flood.


Tim Drake returns to Gotham City in his Red Robin costume for the first time. He stops to take down the new Killer Moth and worries about maintaining his grim image. Tam Fox is delivered safely home while she and Tim struggle with their mutual attraction. Superboy also visits to let Tim know he's got his back, and Tim properly hugs him for the first time since his resurrection. Ra's al Ghul promises Drake that as revenge for destroying the League of Assassins he will destroy Batman's legacy. Returning to the Batcave, Tim finds Stephanie Brown waiting for him in her new Batgirl costume.[1] They reunite and struggle with the changes each one has made since their break-up. Despite these differences they team up to stop Ra's, whose first target is Leslie Thompkins. They gain new respect for each other while taking down the ninjas sent to kill her.[2] Pru arrives to warn them that Ra's is using all of the League's resources to have them killed. Stephanie is outraged that Tim worked with the League, but he apologizes and admits he briefly lost his way. Ra's kidnaps Hush, posing as Bruce Wayne, and demands that he hand over all of Wayne's resources. Red Robin, Batgirl and Pru are ambushed by the Seven Men of Death. Vicki Vale meets Tam while confronting Alfred about Tim's disappearance, and it is shown that she is the League's next target.[3] They barely survive the ambush, but escape on the Ricochet and kidnap Hook to interrogate him. Hook reveals the full list of targets:

Batman and Robin arrive to help, although Robin is suspicious of Pru because he recognizes her from the League. Batgirl rescues Tam and Vale, just as Tam protects Tim's secrets by lying that they're engaged. The group focuses on the remaining targets, but Tim insists that Ra's must be planning something larger.[4] Drake finally confronts Ra's and reveals that his plan is foiled, with all the targets saved. He simply called in his friends in the Network and the Teen Titans, because he's not a loner like Bruce. Drake challenges Ra's to a physical fight he knows he can't win, but takes a beating and explains this was a ruse. While Ra's was distracted, Lucius transfered control of Wayne Enterprises to Tim so Hush couldn't sell it. Ra's angrily kicks Tim out the window, where Grayson catches him. Later in private, Ra's tells a hooded figure he was so impressed that he wants Drake to father one of his heirs. Tim wakes up from his beating in the Batcave and his friends officially welcome him home. He tells them he has evidence that Bruce Wayne is alive, and is shocked to see Vale's article on his engagement to Tam. Alfred redesigns Tim's costume to suit him better, and he happily returns to life in Gotham without the grim demeanor.[5]


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