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Red Robin and Pru are mortally wounded from their encounter with Widower, and drag themselves back to Tim's hotel room where they're found by Tam Fox. The [[League of Assassins (New Earth)|

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Council of Spiders is a Red Robin storyline written by Christopher Yost and illustrated by Ramon Bachs, published as the second arc on their Red Robin series. It follows their debut storyline The Grail published as part of Batman: Reborn and is followed by the Batgirl Rising crossover Collision.


Red Robin and Pru are mortally wounded from their encounter with Widower, and drag themselves back to Tim's hotel room where they're found by Tam Fox. The League of Assassins send ninjas to take all three of them and Tim wakes up in the League's headquarters. The White Ghost explains that he is the only person to survive an attack by the Council of Spiders, and they want him to lead the League in fighting back against them. Tim agrees to join the League for this purpose, although he privately tells Tam that he is planning to take them down from the inside.[1] Believing that there is an inside man leaking information to the Council, Red Robin sets up fake assassination targets around the world to ambush the Spiders. Pru and Tim fight the poisonous Recluse and defeat him, but they are the only survivors of these battles worldwide. Recluse explains that they have already infiltrated the League's headquarters, leaving the Expediter dead and Tam at the mercy of Goliath and Sac.[2] Red Robin rushes back with Pru and White Ghost to find the ninjas slaughtered and Tam alone about to be murdered. He barely escapes alive with Tam, and they run in to Ra's al Ghul who insists he has nothing to fear and is then immediately dropped by the Council's leader Wanderer.[3] They are confronted by the entire Council, and Wanderer is outraged when she realizes this Ra's was a body-double. Red Robin is forced to battle the entire Council while Tam flees, and he takes all of them down before defeating Wanderer. Tim makes it to the League's computers and tells them all to run while he remotely blows up every League headquarters across the planet. The base explodes around them. Tim grabs Tam to escape through the roof. They make it out alive and she kisses him in thanks. Ra's contacts Tim and promises that the League will rebuild, but as Tim has destroyed his organization he will destroy Wayne Enterprises. The Council survives through the rubble and Wanderer announces that they're done hunting assassins, their new more dangerous prey will be heroes.[4]



  • This storyline is split up when it's reprinted in collected editions. The first issue is published as the last chapter in Red Robin: The Grail. The other three issues are published in Red Robin: Collision.

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