"The Grail, Conclusion": In Gotham, Red Robin is heading towards Gotham City International Airport when he stops to look over the city. Just then, Batman approaches him to talk.

Quote1.png You think I don't know?! You think I don't know how it sounds? I lose my parents, I lose my friends. And then I lose Bruce. You made Damian Robin. I can't trust Stephanie. And you're only here because Cassie called you! I know how it sounds. I lose everything, I snapped... I know how it sounds. But I know I'm right, Dick. And I'm going to prove it. Quote2.png
Red Robin

Red Robin #4 is an issue of the series Red Robin (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2009. It was published on September 10, 2009.

Synopsis for "The Grail, Conclusion"

In Gotham, Red Robin is heading towards Gotham City International Airport when he stops to look over the city. Just then, Batman approaches him to talk.

Outside of Baghdad International Airport at present, Tim finds Z, Owens and Pru waiting for him. He pulls out a throwing disc just when some U.S. soldiers confront "Alvin Draper" with the intent of bringing him in for questioning about the artifact stolen out of Berlin. However, Z poses as a person from Wayne Enterprises security serving "Tim Drake" as his personal bodyguard. Tim goes along with the story, telling the head soldier that he is in Iraq to meet with the head of Wayne Industries in place of his adoptive father Bruce Wayne. The head soldier lets him pass after checking Tim's real passport, confirming his identity as Tim Drake. Although Tim does not like the idea of the trio from the League of Assassins helping him, he has no choice but to allow them to work with him or else they would kill everyone who gets in Tim's way.

In Berlin, Tam Fox is questioning a hotel clerk about Tim's whereabouts.

Back in Iraq, Ra's wants to know why Tim believes Bruce is alive so intensely, but he does not answer Ra's. Tim continues to insist that he can handle things by himself, but Z says that he needs the League's help to get through the military, the landmines in the desert and the Iraqi insurgency. When Tim asks why Z is the one helping him, Z reveals that they have crossed paths before during the resurrection of Ra's and that his contradictory position to "restore" Tim's life by helping Tim find Bruce intrigues him.

Back to the time in Gotham, Batman and Red Robin exchange blows when Red Robin refuses to talk. Batman wants him to see a therapist, but Red Robin just wants Batman to believe in him as an equal and a brother as he leaves in order find proof that Bruce is still alive.

In the desert, Red Robin finds a cave with the Bat-insignia on the wall, concluding that Bruce is alive but lost. When he goes back outside, the Council of Spiders member the Widower attacks them, killing Z and Owens while injuring Red Robin and Pru. When Ra's contacts Red Robin and asks if he has found what he was looking for, Ra's receives no response.

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  • Z mentions having been part of a group trying to resurrect Ra's al Ghul, this occurred during The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul in case you couldn't figure that out for yourself. I'll be here all week, answering questions like this.

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