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The Red Son, also known as the Soviet Superman, is an alternate version of Superman from Earth-30. Instead of landing in Kansas as depicted in nearly all Superman mythos, the infant Kal-El's spaceship lands on a Ukrainian collective farm, where he was raised as a Soviet national during the Cold War. Over the years, Superman becomes a member of Joseph Stalin's inner circle and is used as a propaganda event to bolster his regime. After Stalin's death, Superman became the leader of the Soviet Union and transformed it into a benevolent dictatorship.

A female version of the character named Red Daughter was introduced in the Arrowverse as a clone of Supergirl created with Black Kryptonite.

In the Prime Earth continuity, Red Son is an alias used by Superman's adoptive son Osul-Ra, inspired by a legendary Kryptonian hero of the same name.

The Red Son was created by Mark Millar, Dave Johnson and Andrew Robinson, first appearing in The Kingdom #2 (1999).

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