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Red Tornado was a member of the Justice League, and the "den-mother" of the The Team

Red Tornado was an android built by T.O. Morrow, created to infiltrate the Justice Society. Whereas earlier attempts Red Inferno and Red Torpedo impersonated humans, Morrow dropped that pretense for Tornado in the hopes of success. However, Tornado too was a failure, as his programming turned him into a hero instead. After the disbanding of the Justice Society, he became a member of the Justice League and caretaker of the Team. He did so because he hoped to learn more about humanity, a subject he knew little about.

The team mistakes Mister Twister for Red Tornado in disguise, wrongly believing that the battle was a training exercise. Red Tornado later assigns the team to investigate Doctor Fate's disappearance.

Red Tornado leaves the group for the day to take up Monitor duty on the Watchtower, he returns after the team survived an attack in Mount Justice by his artificial siblings Red Torpedo and Red Inferno. When Red Tornado approached the deactivated androids, he seemingly re-activated the androids and attempts to kill the Team by draining the oxygen from the room. He disappears before the Justice League arrives with his artificial family and was thought to be the "mole" who was infiltrating the team.

It is later revealed that his creator T.O. Morrow and Mister Twister were behind the remote reprogramming of Red Tornado. T.O. Morrow what was revealed to be an android version of him he is destroyed by Red Volcano.

The Team on the hunt to track down the mentor Red Tornado interrogate Professor Ivo, who reveals the location of the secret lab. Red Volcano then orders his siblings Red Tornado, Red Inferno, and Red Torpedo to help in his plan to set off a dormant super volcano in Yellowstone National Park. Professor Ivo tries to tip off T.O. Morrow but Red Volcano answer the call impersonating his creator. Upon being tipped off by Professor Ivo about the young heroes heading their way. Red Volcano sends Red Tornado to attack them. Red Volcano appears after Red Tornado's attack and helps to attack the team. Red Tornado appears to attack the team but really uses his powers to carve a message in the ground telling them to play dead to try and trick Volcano.

Zatanna attack Red Volcano with a spell but, he still ends up setting off the volcano. The team fight to stop Red Volcano from making the eruption get to Stage 2.

Red Tornado convinces his siblings Red Inferno and Red Torpedo to help fight Red Volcano. They sacrifice their lives to keep Red Volcano pinned down in the lava as Red Tornado uses his powers to prevent a Stage 3 explosion by funneling the volcanic exhausts into space.

While being rebuilt by the Justice League, it was revealed that Red Tornado became the "den mother" in order to learn more about Humanity. Red Tornado later visits his creator T.O. Morrow who is shown as a bedridden old man order to care for him, because regardless of said evil works, he is still his father.





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