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Red Tornado is an android superhero with wind manipulating powers.


The technology that would eventually become Red Tornado was created by T.O. Morrow sometime around the first Atlantean invasion of the surface. Morrow discussed using it to alter the weather disturbance caused by the Atlanteans. However, Doctor Silas Stone rejected the idea, due to the components hailing from another dimension and unstable.[2]

Much later, during the invasion of the Crime Syndicate, a still unfinished version of Red Tornado was left in the Red Room as Cyborg went into major cybernetic-replacement surgery.[3]

Early Adventures

Eventually, Red Tornado was completed, having the power to manipulate air, and was released into the world.

Red Tornado wasn't a hero very long before being hacked by the Calculator to fight the Metal Men.[4]

Red Tornado's adventures lead him to being by captured by the Blackhawks and kept as a trophy on Blackhawk Island. When the Justice League began to investigate the impending invasion of the Dark Multiverse, Red Tornado spontaneously activated, trying to stop them.[5]

Doomsday Clock

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After Superman is framed and rendered comatose, Red Tornado joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes meet and engage Doctor Manhattan, but they are easily defeated.[6]


Some time later, though the initial Dark Multiverse invasion was repelled, another attack was attempted. Tornado, an active superhero again, worked to contain the chaos.

Together with the Blue Beetle and Animal Man, Red Tornado arrived at the location of Robin King to stop him. As they fought, the Robin King sprayed Tornado with a chemical called "Mortal Coil", which made him spin uncontrollably at a speed faster than he ever had done before and turned him into a human, causing him to be ripped apart.[7] He was later resurrected by Batman using the Black Lantern Ring.[8]




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