Red Tornado was an android superhero with wind manipulating powers.


Red Tornado was the creation of T.O. Morrow, he was first mentioned by doctor during the Justice League's battle with the Atlanteans. T.O Morrow talks about how his technology could alter the weather disturbance the Atlanteans caused. However it was rejected by Doctor Silas Stone due to the technology hailing from another dimension and unstable.[1] An unfinished version of Red Tornado is seen in the Red Room as Cyborg was being rebuilt due Grid removing his implants.[2] He is later seen fighting the Metal Men, though he was under the control of the Calculator at the time.[3]

Dark Metal

Red Tornado was found on Blackhawk Island as trophy of the Blackhawks.

Death Metal

Tornado together with the Blue Beetle and Animal Man, arrived at the location of Robin King to stop him after he had beaten the other heroes. As they fought, the Robin King sprayed Tornado with a chemical called "Mortal Coil", which made him spin uncontrollably at a speed faster than he ever had done before, and turned him into a human, causing him to be ripped apart.[4]




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