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Red Tornado was a member of the Justice League and is an android superhero with wind manipulating powers.

Origin and Early Career

Red Tornado was built at some point early on in the existence of the Justice League by villain T.O. Morrow using extra-dimensional components and technology observed from the future.[1] Despite his origins, Tornado joined the League and became a hero in his own right.[2] He was not the first hero to use the name,[3] following in the footsteps of the first guardian of JSA's headquarters, Ma Hunkel.[4]

Somehow, a piece of Red Tornado's torso or a facsimile of it was obtained by the supervillain Toyman and stored in one of his workshops, and remained there after Toyman abandoned the lair. It was still present when the lair was presented to Roy Harper by Waylon Jones as a place to stay rent-free while the former attempted to get clean and deal with his addiction.[5] The Red Tornado served with the Justice League in its "satellite" era,[6] and with them fought against the dream-warping villain Doctor Destiny.[7] He was one of several superheroes possessed by the Devil Nezha and made to attack the Green Lantern Ring-fused Batman and Superman, by whom he was defeated.[8] While rescuing flooding evacuees in Kentucky, his mind was once again hijacked, this time by the android NewMazo,[9] until freed from his control by roboticist Doctor Will Magnus. He turned on NewMazo, and after his defeat, was repaired by Magnus and Niles Caulder of the Doom Patrol.[10]

In battle with threats such as Darkseid and Solomon Grundy, his mechanical body was damaged or destroyed. On one such occasion, Magnus Labs counselor Kathy Sutton contributed to his repair, and the two entered into a romantic relationship, though it was strained when subsequent dis- and reassemblies forced the Tornado to begin anew with her.[2] Eventually, the Red Tornado married Sutton and the two raised a daughter, Traya, together.[11] When Young Justice was formed, Red Tornado became their liaison to the Justice League, essentially acting as a trainer and chaperone to the young heroes.[12]

New 52

Through unknown circumstances, Tornado was reduced to component parts and stored in the Red Room at S.T.A.R. Labs.[13]

During the the first Atlantean invasion of the surface, an apparently-reformed Morrow discussed using Red Tornado's technology to alter the weather disturbance caused by the Atlanteans. However, Doctor Silas Stone rejected the idea, due the android's components hailing from another time and dimension.[1]

Much later, during the invasion of the Crime Syndicate, a still unfinished version of Red Tornado was left in the Red Room as Cyborg underwent major cybernetic-replacement surgery.[13]

Eventually, Red Tornado's restoration was largely completed before being hacked by the Calculator to fight the Metal Men.[14] Luckily, the Metal Men were able to incapacitate Red Tornado and free him from Calculator's control. Again inert, Tornado's chassis was relocated to the Justice League Watchtower.[15]


Challengers of the Unknown and the Dark Multiverse

Over the years, Red Tornado had become an ally of Carter Hall and the Challengers of the Unknown. When the Challengers mounted an expedition into the Dark Multiverse, Red Tornado traveled with them.

The mission was a catastrophic failure, resulting in the whole of Challengers Mountain being pulled into the Dark Multiverse and the disappearance of the Challengers. Their final transmissions included, amongst the screams, a warning from Red Tornado of a great dragon that prowled the dark- Barbatos. When the Challengers escaped, they used Tornado's wind harmonics to guide them to the House of Heroes, and then back to Earth.

Tornado and the rest of the Challengers were found when Challengers Mountain appeared suddenly in the middle of Gotham; when the Blackhawks made contact with the Justice League and brough them to Blackhawk Island, they also retrieved the inactive Red Tornado. While the League and the Blackhawks discussed the impending invasion of the Dark Multiverse, Red Tornado spontaneously activated, trying to stop them.[16]

Later on during the incursion, Red Tornado and the Metal Men were used as part of a harmonic machine designed to make contact with the House of Heroes.[17] Afterwards, he was restored to functionality, and was present to watch over the recovering Carter Hall.[18]

Justice League

The Red Tornado returned to the Justice League, now based in the Hall of Justice,[19] and spent time at the superheroic mental health facility the Sanctuary, where he discussed creating android offspring.[20] After Superman was framed and rendered comatose, Red Tornado joined the group of heroes heading towards Mars to confront their mysterious enemy. The heroes met and engaged Doctor Manhattan, but they were easily defeated.[21]

He took the Suttons out on a camping trip, though his preoccupation with his Justice League duties caused friction with his family. When his daughter encountered an alien Lexan stranded on Earth, the Red Tornado used his own systems to amplify the alien's transmitter and contact its people, encouraging him to focus on his wife and daughter for the duration of the trip. He also struck up a friendship with other robotic or cybernetic heroes, such as Cyborg, Robotman, and the Metal Men.[22] The Tornado was stationed by the League as a sentry for their old headquarters in Mount Justice, where he attacked a group of intruders, the reformed Young Justice, and was blown apart by their new member Teen Lantern. The Red Tornado was rebuilt by the team at the command of Justice Leaguer John Stewart.[12]

Dark Nights: Death Metal

Some time later, though the initial Dark Multiverse invasion was repelled, another attack was attempted. Tornado, an active superhero again, worked to contain the chaos.

Together with the Blue Beetle and Animal Man, Red Tornado arrived at the location of Robin King to stop him. As they fought, the Robin King sprayed Tornado with a chemical called "Mortal Coil", which made him spin uncontrollably at a speed faster than he ever had done before and turned him into a human, causing him to be ripped apart.[23] He was later temporarily resurrected by Batman using the Black Lantern Ring,[24] and then resurrected for good in the wake of the cosmic realignment.

Infinite Frontier


The Red Tornado brought down the criminal Royal Flush Gang, and launched a successful campaign against the underworld of Metropolis. His financial commitments to his family became overwhelming, however, leading him to take up work in the city at the hero-for-hire service Heroz4U.[11] There, he was mentored by his manager Paul Kirk, under whom he worked as assistant manager, and took over his position when Kirk was fired.[25] As manager, the Tornado struggled to find work for problem employee Minute Man, and took on responsibility for the amnesiac Jose Delgado, once the hero Gangbuster, while his subordinate Power Girl attempted to usurp his position.[11]

When Power Girl's complaints led him to be called before the company's board of directors, the Tornado feared for his job, but was instead asked to lay off half of his staff to cut costs and make Heroz4U more attractive to buyers,[26] and was given a large sum of cash with which to pay the remainder of their salaries. With encouragement from his wife, Red Tornado broke the news to his staff, but could not bring himself to fire them. When he attempted to confront the board over his refusal, however, he found that the company had been sold[27] to a shell company owned by the villain Lex Luthor. Returning to the office, he found that it had been burned to the ground by Minute Man to keep Heroz4U's files out of Luthor's hands at the cost of the sale, their employment, and the life of Delgado, who unbeknownst to Minute Man had been in the building at the time. The Tornado gave Minute Man the board's cash and encouraged him to flee to escape prosecution, later lying to the police to conceal his coworker's involvement in the arson.[28]

He attended Delgado's funeral, and used his powers to jumpstart a frozen windfarm, saving lives in the process. When Minute Man was reported to have died, the Tornado falsely identified a body in the Metropolis morgue as his, and reached out to his former coworkers in search of any word of Minute Man. Though none had heard from him, the reports of his death prompted Minute Man to send the Tornado a letter explaining his survival and thanking him for his help.[29]

Eventually, the stress of rebuilding his relationship with Sutton proved to be too much, and they separated. On Valentine's Day, prior to the Justice League's dissolution, the Red Tornado volunteered for monitor duty at the Justice League Watchtower on the Earth's Moon, to give his teammates time with their loved ones. Batman left him with a WayneTech generative artificial intelligence, which, unbeknownst to the Tornado had been designed by Sutton and her new partner, Doctor Will Magnus, as a companion for him based on her own brain engrams. The Red Tornado spoke to the A.I. of his loneliness and relationship with Sutton, and it encouraged him to reach out to her. Traveling to her laboratory on Earth, he found her with Magnus, and returned to the Watchtower, where the A.I. revealed its true nature and origin. Dubbing itself "Sona," it and the Tornado pursued the possibility of a relationship together.[2]

Dark Crisis

When the Justice League was disbanded after the apparent death of several of its members, the Red Tornado attended a vigil for the fallen heroes,[30] and took on further responsibilities in their absence. When former Young Justice members Cassie Sandsmark and Cissie King-Jones were threatened by the lava-manipulating Red Volcano while searching for him, the Red Tornado came to their rescue and eagerly agreed to join their search of their missing teammates, having missed Young Justice.[31] Failing to find transportation at Titans Tower, they borrowed Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane, into which the Tornado programmed the biometric data of the missing Young Justice members. While searching the universe for them, he mediated conflict between Sandsmark and King-Jones until interrupted by attacking space mites. Outside the plane, he fought off the mites with King-Jones, and recovered her when she was thrown free into space.[32]

The group was then led by a signal sent by Impulse to himself and teammates, who had been abducted by the obsessive reality-warper Mickey Mxyzptlk. Red Tornado boosted Impulse's powers, allowing the reunited Young Justice to escape to their old headquarters in Happy Harbor.[33] They were followed by Mxyzptlk, who negated Young Justice's powers and transformed the Red Tornado into a human being. Eventually, he was goaded into restoring them to normal, and the heroes bound him in a quantum entanglement trap before leaving to defend the Hall of Justice from the Dark Army.[34]

Dawn of DC

When most of the world was put to sleep by Insomnia, the Red Tornado, as an android, was immune, and gathered a network of robotic heroes to address the resulting emergencies from Terrifitech headquarters. Monitoring the sleeping Mister Terrific, he found that the sleepers were sinking further into unconsciousness. He was later decapitated by Insomnia's Sleepless Knights,[35] and at the crisis' conclusion, a grateful Terrific dedicated himself to the Tornado's repair.[36]

In a bid to counter Amanda Waller's campaign to engender public mistrust of the superhero community, the Tornado joined Steel in rescue efforts in North Carolina.[37] When Waller's Amazo androids began hunting down and draining the powers of the world's superhumans, he joined a resistance group at Superman's Fortress of Solitude. There, he came under suspicion from the Blue Beetle for his robotic nature, shared with their enemy, a conflict escalating to insults and kept from violence only by the intervention of Superman.[38]





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