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T.O. Morrow wishing to destroy the Justice Society of America created an android designed and programmed to think he was a human in an attempt to infiltrate the Justice Society of America as a “Superhero”.

The Android thought himself as James Lockhart a gifted engineer and U.S. Navy man who could control water itself, calling himself the Red Torpedo. He used his powers to combat lawlessness at sea and fight against the Nazi's and Japanese forces during WWII. But due to his early programming he was Anti-Social and Lonely and could not fully integrate and interact with the society, causing Morrows plan to fail. As a result of this, he was shut down.

After 60 years he was reactivated along with his sister Red Inferno (who like him thought she was a human hero) by Morrows robot duplicate and forced to attack the Young Justice and capture Red Tornado so Morrow could use all their programming to create the ultimate “Red” the Red Volcano. Red Volcano destroyed the “Morrow Android” and attempted to destroy the world by massive volcanic eruptions. Red Tornado and the Young Justice attempted to stop him but Torpedo and Inferno lost the will to go on when they discovered they were not human anymore.

In the end Torpedo and Inferno sacrificed themselves to stop Red Volcano.





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