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The Red Torpedo was Jim Lockhart's primary piece of equipment, from which he gained his nickname.


He designed it, failed to sell the design to the U.S.Navy, resigned his commission, and secretly built it himself, in his secret workshop in a remote cove. The red submarine had yellow fins and two yellow "bubble eye" type windows.

The first Torpedo was destroyed by Japanese forces during World War II,[1] but Jim rebuilt the ship, and it serves as a vessel operating out of Windward Home.


The Torpedo had the capability of operating at great depths underwater, with excellent speed and maneuverability. The Torpedo also had the capability of traveling through the air like an airship. It was impervious to concussion damage from depth charges or naval mines,[2] could grind its way through thick masses of Arctic ice, and could penetrate the hull of a battleship, emerging from the punctured vessel's other side.[3] It had the capacity to carry at least eight people, but could be operated by one man.


Its main armaments were twin energy cannons, capable of operating underwater. A large spike protruding from the prow of the ship would be used to pierce other ships.

Onboard Equipment

  • The Red Torpedo was equipped with a Marinograph, a long-range viewing device capable of locating and examining distant ships.
  • The Red Torpedo was equipped with an Aqua-Audio communication system, capable of transmitting and receiving radio signals while submerged.

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