Red Volcano was an android created by T.O. Morrow. Rather than infiltration, as its predecessors had been, it was built for destruction.

Red Volcano is the latest android created by T.O. Morrow. He has the memories of all three Red Androids. He was created without human emotion and thoughts to prevent another "Pinocchio",the downside to this was Red Volcano ripped off Morrow's arms. It was revealed that this T.O. Morrow was an android, so was disposable.

Red Volcano reprograms his artificial siblings Red Tornado, Red Inferno, and Red Torpedo in order to dominate the planet. He plans to set off a dormant volcano in Yellowstone National Park, they by blocking out the sun killing all organic life.

The Team on the hunt to track down the mentor Red Tornado interigate Professor Ivo, who reveals the location of the secret lab. Professor Ivo tries to tip off T.O. Morrow but Red Volcano answer the call impersonating his creator. Red Volcano sends Red Tornado to attack them. Red Volcano appears after Red Tornado's attack and helps to attack the team. Red Volcano insults the team for being inferior humans. Superboy and Miss Martian in mid-attack remind him they are not human, he corrects himself and decides a better term is "Meat bags"

Zatanna attack Red Volcano with a spell but, he still ends up setting off the volcano. The team fight to stop Red Volcano from making the eruption get to Stage 2.

Red Tornado convinces his siblings Red Inferno and Red Torpedo to help fight Red Volcano. They sacrifice their lives to keep Red Volcano pinned down in the lava as Red Tornado uses his powers to prevent a Stage 3 explosion.

Red Volcano ultimately survived and reappeared five years later, manipulated by Lex Luthor to attack Star Labs to recover the disassembled pieces of Amazo. In the ensuing confrontation, Blue Beetle drilled a hole into his torso before filling it with a sonic attack, blowing apart Red Volcano's body and destroying him.




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