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The Red Wave Beast is a parasitic entity whose sole purpose is to infect living creatures of a planet and spread to other planets.

It was contained by the original Suicide Squad, led by Rick Flag Sr on a spaceship on the moon. However, when the current day Suicide Squad, led by Rick Flag Jr, arrived, they accidentaly freed the monster. It was ultimately killed when Argent and Rick Flag Sr piloted the spaceship into the sun and all three of them died.[1]


  • Red Wave Infection The Red Wave Beast is capable to emit an energy wave capable of infecting any being that comes in contact with and consuming the host from the inside out,and then spreads out.[2] [3]
    • Power Distribution: The Red Wave infection can bestow powers for those who are infected.[4]
    • Immortality: By using the electromagnetic energy from Red Wave Beast's heart, Rick Flag, Sr. and Karin Grace became immortal. It is possible that the creature is also immortal.[5]
    • Telepathy: He has the ability to mentally communicate with all of those who were infected by the Red Wave.
      • Mind Control: He can consciously manipulate the minds of the infected in order to work as a hive mind. [6]



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