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After Robin abandoned the name and costume, a new Red X arrived in Jump City.

Red X was originally an alternate identity created by Robin in order to infiltrate Slade and discover his plans. Though Robin had retired the identity and costume in the face of mistrust among his fellow Titans members, the costume was somehow stolen from its security chamber and the identity of Red X was adopted by a mysterious person who decided to use it for his own selfish purposes. Unlike most of the Titans' enemies, Red X didn't care about bringing harm to, or controlling the city; he was only interested in whatever would further his own interests.

The Titans first encountered X when he was stealing equipment from a warehouse. The Titans, shocked to see the Red X suit return and not in Robin's hands, were quickly defeated by X, and the man escaped. Robin figured that X was likely looking for Xynothium, the rare, highly unstable element that powers the suit. Following a lead from Dr. Chang, the Titans tracked X to a nearby research facility. There, Robin and Red X faced off against each other, before Chang's men neutralized the two and stole the Xynothium. Robin imprisoned X in a small cell and went to face Chang, who had kidnapped the other Titans, on his own. X quickly escaped from his cell, and just as Robin was losing control of the battle with Chang, returned to help Robin stop the man. After the battle, X and the Titans were prepared to face off for the Xynothium, when Robin revealed that he snagged X's utility belt, making the suit useless. Completely cornered, X smashed a vial of Xynothium against the ground, creating an explosion that sent him off the edge of a cliff. He survived the fall and managed to escape the Titans.

Red X wasn't seen for another two seasons, where he appeared as a recruit for the Brotherhood of Evil. Equiped with a new belt, Red X joined in on a race with Ding Dong Daddy to get a briefcase stolen from Robin, intending to sell it off to the highest bidder. While clashing with Robin on the streets, X was caught off guard by Daddy, and his cycle was destroyed. Robin went back and saved him at the last moment, despite X telling Robin he was making a mistake by sparing his life. As a group of villains riding on their own vehicles closed in behind the two, Red X chose to repay Robin for saving his life by abandoning his pursuit of the case and quickly destroying every other racer's car that was in the race, telling Gizmo that he was on his own side before taking him out. He spared only the bus that Starfire and Raven were using, and told them to let Robin know that for now, the two of them were even. He then teleported away.



  • Requires Xynothium: The Red X costume, to be able to generate the "X's" he shoots, needs to be sustained with an odd element known as xynothium.


  • Voice Manipulator
  • Red X Suit
    • Energy Projection:The Red X costume can generate "X's" either in a solid or energy form.
    • Teleportation: The Rex X suit's utility belt allows X to cloak himself, and seemingly, teleport. The range at which he can teleport is unknown.


  • Teleportation Device

  • Both versions of the character are voiced by Scott Menville, the same as Robin.
  • Red X is a playable character in the "Teen Titans" console game. He is playable in the "Master of Games" playmode and plays exactly like Robin.



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