Redeemer's past is unknown. Based on one flashback, he may have been present when the Good Samaritan saved the Traveler, and been so humbled by this selflessness that he dedicated himself to heroism. On the other hand, he may be delusional. What is known is that during the Second World War, the Redeemer was an active hero, righting wrongs and stopping evil. He encouraged people to do good deeds, and offered decoder rings to his fans as a token of his faith in humanity. However, he had a pessimistic streak, believing that humanity was still unworthy of the love of God.

Collected by the Number of the Beast program, the Redeemer was placed in the City, where he became the leader of the Paladins. For almost sixty years, he led them... until the High was sent into the environment with him. Quickly realizing that it was a fake, the High destroyed the Program and freed Redeemer and the Paladins.

Following the Paladins' escape, Redeemer was teleported to the Antarctic alongside Urumi and Mite, where they fought a Reaper to the death. The fight was partially successful, in that they managed to outlast the creature, but witnessed it exploded along with the other Reapers.[1]

World's End


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Sometime later, Redeemer along with Mite, Urumi, and a redeemed Ragamuffin constructed an actual Palatine Hill and spend their efforts monitoring their base as the other Paladins were helping other parts of post-Armageddon Earth. When Gen 13 were defeated by the Fearsmiths, Redeemer and the others saved the teens and trained them into becoming experienced heroes.[2][3]

When the Paladins were summoned to UnLondon in battling against the Knights of Khera and sent to destroy their terra-forming machines, Redeemer was instead teamed with Disperse, Dingo, H.E.R.B. and Geek by Spartan to infiltrate the Knights' spaceship, the Red Blade. Once on board, Redeemer and the others took the bridge and used it's teleporter to make the fragments of the terra-forming machines appear within the ship which began tearing it apart. This caught the furious attentions of Sebastian, who came to the bridge and left Redeemer the only survivor of the group. Redeemer pinned down Sebastian and allowing Link to open several shift-doors to engulf the Red Blade. In which Redeemer made that he keeps Sebastian and himself on the ship as it crashed into all the Doors simultaneously and disappeared into The Bleed.[4]





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