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Reemuz was the Green Lantern of Sector 119.


Reemuz was discovered and recruited by Green Lanterns Brik and Percival,[1] and his history was revealed in the Book of Oa even before his recruitment, which shown him to be an exceptionally vigilant officer.[2] His sector had 714 inhabited worlds within it, and he would often patrol his sector for months at a time to ensure the safety of it all.

Green Lantern No Longer

Reemuz survived the fall of the Green Lantern Corps, which was brought down by Parallax and Hal Jordan. He fell into life without his power ring until receiving a beacon sent by Kyle Rayner, who was intent on trying to rebuild the Green Lantern Corps. He was among only four former Green Lanterns to answer the call, including also Shilandra Thane, Voz and Bruun. But the idea of reuniting as Green Lanterns behind a human did not appeal to Reemuz or any of them when it was a human who destroyed the Corps in the first place. Kyle's words could not reach them, and Reemuz left along with the others.

Reemuz paid close attention to the actions of Kyle Rayner after refusing, because he only refused to force the human to prove with actions instead of words. Kyle's heroic deeds convinced Reemuz more than his three fellow former Green Lanterns. It took the appearance and words of Raker Qarrigat to convince them all. They returned to Oa, joining Kyle and Kilowog in a plan to take down the Black Circle crime syndicate being run by Amon Sur and the Qwardians. Kyle's operation was a success, and Reemuz helped pull it off without the use of a power ring.

Back in the Corps... for a Time

Reemuz accepted a ring when the Green Lantern Corps was rebuilt and was reinstated as the Green Lantern of his space sector.

After spending nearly eleven months on patrol, Reemuz returned to his homeworld to see his family. He had unfortunately missed his son's 98th birthday by two days but had hopes to make it up with a camping trip. Unfortunately, he returned to his planet to find it a graveyard. Dead bodies of his people were to be found everywhere, including his wife, sons and daughter. He also found a yellow power battery and believed it had to belong to the one guilty of this massacre. He kept the power battery with the belief that the perpetrator would have to come get it, and he began searching. Soon, he grew tired and weak. He collapsed and realized the truth about his killer as it rose out of his body. It was the sentient virus Despotellis, a member of the then unknown Sinestro Corps.[3]







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