Chameleon is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Reep Daggle was apparently often treated with prejudices during his childhood, mostly just because he is a Durlan. This left him driven to achieve results as a detective and a Legionnaire as a way to achieve a better image for all Durlans.
He has said that the phrase "Live and learn" is redundant.

While he was investigating a mystery that involved the Science Police, he was framed for the murder of a suspect by the Titanian telepath Jeyra Entinn but convinced the authorities of his innocence but at the cost of his cover within the Science Police.

It has been revealed that Cham is not attracted to "fixed-state life forms".

Cosmic Boy has described Cham as "poisonously bitter" and Triplicate Girl has described Cham as a prankster, which in actuality would be better descriptions of those Legionnaires themselves.


  • Durlan Physiology: Reep is a Durlan, a race of alien beings that can shape-shift at any time for any length of time with little limitation on size or shape. As such her physiology is in constant flux and he hardly takes his original orange Durlan form.
    • Shape-Shifting: Like all Durlans, Reep possesses the ability to transform his body's size, shape, and color to mimic any person, creature or object in the universe.
    • Elasticity: Having a malleable form, Reep can stretch and extend his form despite being in a solid form.
    • Enhanced Senses: Reep scan's the molecular structure of any object or person he encounters via the invisible emanations emitted from his antennae. Returning as sound waves, the information is translated through his sensitive ears. His chameleon power, through his antennae, records a person or thing's shape, which always happens when he encounters someone of something unfamiliar. He automatically absorbs complete details of its structure so he can duplicate it perfectly whenever he wishes. The process can not happen twice with the same person or object. His sensitive antennae will detect any subtle difference - pore patterns, for instance - that will alert him to the uniqueness of any person or object.


  • Investigation: Chameleon has some detective skills.
  • High Adaptation: He has also a malleable personality, which can adapt to the people he is surrounded by. [1]


  • Power Duplication Limitation: While Chameleon Boy can assume a giant size, and a certain degree of strength along with it, if he were to imitate Supergirl he would not gain Kryptonian super-powers. He also cannot split into three separate selves as Triplicate Girl can. Also, while he can copy a creature's shape, he can not duplicate its powers. He can sometimes copy such abilities to a limited extent. For instance, as a spider he can spin a web, and as a bird and can fly, however, he does not have the ability to lay eggs.




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