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Quote1 I know this sounds crazy, but he's the devil. And I don't mean in a douchebag, club-owning kind of way. I mean, he's the actual devil! Quote2
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Reese Getty was a reporter for the Los Angeles Telegraph who was involved in a brush with death, which to him was a second chance on life.

Looking to make things right with his wife who he was having trouble with, Reese discovers that she was cheating on him with another man, Lucifer Morningstar. Reese discovered Lucifer was a police consultant at the Los Angeles Police Department and decided to get payback on Lucifer by doing a story on him and exposing him as a fraud. Reese follows Detective Decker and Lucifer to various crime scenes belonging to a serial killer, but to his dismay, realizes Lucifer is just as charming as everyone believes. However, while Lucifer interrogated a serial killer suspect, Reese saw Lucifer use his devil face, hardening his resolve to expose Lucifer as what he truly is.

After a year, Reese was no closer to having proof for the truth about Lucifer. His marriage and career were both in shambles, and after a run-in with Chloe and Lucifer yet again about the serial killer case, Reese decided to put Lucifer's supposed invulnerability to the test. He went to Linda's office and shot Lucifer with a revolver, which did no harm to Lucifer. Linda revealed to Reese that she already knew Lucifer was the devil and considered him a friend, destroying Reese's world even further. Reese tracked down the serial killer and asked him to kill Lucifer with his poison. However, the serial killer catches on to Reese's ruse and an innocent woman dies instead, right before the killer targets Reese. However, Reese managed to trap the serial killer, as his ex-wife Linda called the cops on him after a violent encounter. On his death bed, Reese believes he finally turned things around. However, it's revealed that Reese was actually in Hell the whole time and is forced to relive the events that transpired over and over again.


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